Dec 21 2007

Today's Knoxville News Sentinel local section has an article about the recent dustups between the Maryville Daily Times and local officials

At issue are a handful of controversial decisions by The Daily Times during the past few months and the perception by County Mayor Jerry Cunningham, Maryville Mayor Joe Swann and Alcoa Mayor Don Mull that the newspaper's adherence to the standards of the newspaper profession had somehow loosened.

Read more at the link. BlountViews is mentioned.


I think that about sums it up

Good job, BlountViews and great quote, Randy!

I believe he got that

I believe he got that straight off the blog.

P.S. My quote was used as the big "pull quote" in a box, so at least that side of the story got prominent mention.

"pull quote" in a box

yeah... that is killer! It catches the eye before the title does.

They have some good editors up there at KNS. Good job one that!

Blount Today

Concerned Citizen
I have heard for years that the newspaper would not print anything that was critical of the County Mayor or the Sheriff,but I was glad to see that I may have been misinformed.
I just wish that the Daily Times, or Blount Views had a good investigative reporter that would dig into the issues of this county, and report on all the facts.

Fox News

haha That's a good one.

Bully Pulpit

Bully Pulpit (n): a position of authority or public visibility, esp. a political office, from which one may express one's views.

esp. a political office - Like a Mayors office. Maybe being proactive instead of reactive is the better course of action. If there is something we should know about besides the Russian invasion, the greatness of Ruby Tuesday, the infallibility of Judge Young, and the solution to all our problems by extending Pellissippi - you have the floor.

If you have something to say, say it. But if it's personal, make that known and keep it off government letterhead.

A just peace?

I hope that the "feathers soothed" doesn't mean going back to Pravda on Pistol Creek.

Pravda on Pistol

Pravda on Pistol Creek

Coffee on the keyboard.

"Feathers Soothed?"

Just catching up on the latest in good ole blount County after taking some time away. These controversies are not going to end just because the Mayors say they should end. The "bitter divorce case" will come to trial and there will be publicity concerning the case. The newspaper is not the only place, as we know, that concepts, ideas, beliefs and the truth can disseminated to the public.

BTW, the info in KNS article is only marginally correct as they missed the fact that the DT only retracted a very small portion of the Wright article and only after attorney James Wright threatened the DT with a lawsuit.

The DT has a good investigative reporter; alas, he apparently can no longer comment on the court cases in Blount County.

I suppose that all of you have heard of the term "prior restraint?" I'm glad that KNS let us in on the actions of the politicos in BC. As I understand a famous word used to describe a famous political party active in Germany in the 1930s and 40s: a word meaning to stifle dissent in order to advance a political agenda . . .

Oh well, as I say, more will be revealed . . . Have a happy holiday!

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Fox News - What a joke.

They think that just because more people watch their cable news shows than do all the other cable networks combined means that they’re doing something right. They’re not fooling us.

You tell ‘em Randy.

(he he he)



Did you see this on FAUX?; (link...)

Something else you won't see on FAUX; (link...)

When you support FOX, you support Hillary.

The thing is, most on this site see the MSM (main stream media) for what it is - a joke. (link...)

On any given weeknight you have choices of the following at 10pm: HLN (CNN) - Nancy Grace; FOX - Greta Van Sustren; CNN - Anderson Cooper; MSNBC - Lockdown - Brushy Mountain Edition.

Hopefully, one day you will evolve from thinking what your watching is news; (link...)

From Network - 30 years ago.

When you support FOX, you support Hillary.

The Fox News Channel has been the subject of several controversies. Left-wing critics of the channel accuse it of political bias towards the right. The network has denied such allegations.


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