Dec 21 2007
By: Tennessee Democrat  shortURL

Tancredo drops out!!!!! Is Thompson next??? We can only hope.



I hope Thompson wins the Primary

I'd be willing to face another electoral college loss of our state to the Dark Side, if they had Thompson as their candidate. Mr. Thompson will start waving his Rebel Flag. He's already preaching the Gay-Illegal-Immigrants-Stealing-Your-Guns-and-Burning-American-Flags rhetoric, talking into the microphone like he's got a mouth full of rocks (Suthrn Style), already praising W's administration, and backing up the Oil War in the former Nation of Iraq (committed to keep it going). So if he wins the Repub side, he's guaranteed to run their November '08 numbers into the dirt. Thompson would be the perfect opponent for a Democratic victory!

viva Evo Morales

BL, what do you consider

BL, what do you consider Dennis Kucinich's wife? While I'm no Thompson fan, and there are plenty of dumb ways to view a candidate, I think that one bugs me the most. Are his kids trophy kids? You are starting to sound like Limbaugh describing Hillary as "old".

If you have some knowledge of love being age specific, I'd like to see that information. Anyway, I know you're much smarter than to make this your arguement against.

Okay, done

Yeah, the trophy Bride thing was something I've read, yet don't agree about touting as a negative whole-heartedly. Sorry. But I do think that Thompson is the best candidate the Democrats could ask for.

viva Evo Morales

I think Thompson opened up

I think Thompson opened up this line of cross-examination with his own testimony:

A Little Thompson Humor - New York Times Blog

When Fred D. Thompson was asked to name his favorite possession in an Associated Press survey released Friday and answered, “trophy wife,” he seemed to be hitting a bit close to home.

I guess some find this to be a funny joke and all (and technically I guess it's "witty"), but referring to women as "possessions" is not cool and probably not the smartest quip to fire off even in jest, especially when one of the front-running Democrats is a woman.

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