Dec 21 2007
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Mrs. Farmer is a true inspiration and example of how Blount County land could be considered. She not only saw the beauty and use of her land, she decided she would unselfishly leave that view for the rest of us as well. Not to mention future generations.

Merry Christmas Blount County from Mrs. Laverne Farmer. If you see her, thank her.

Saw that in the paper this

Saw that in the paper this morning and it is indeed a great gift to the people of Blount Co. and Tennessee.

I was looking at the map, and still couldn't quite figure out where it is, though. Can anyone give some landmarks I might be familiar with?

Thank you Mrs. Farmer. Merry

A very nice gift indeed. Thank you Mrs. Farmer. Merry Christmas to you too!

by the townsend welcome center

It was a great gift for the county for its preservation of land.


I haven't checked, but is this the same property that the visitors bureau signed a contract to buy back a year or so ago? I'll have to look.....

Believe so Mike

They were wanting to expand and use for thier festival and on goings. Either way it is great to see something like this that is not in someones backyard but on a major drive through for all to see and welcome.

kindly explain

The county did vote to pay that 100K towards the purchase of ten acres with a price tag of 1.4 million for ten acres.


The Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau Board and the Blount County Financial Management Committee have recommended that this $100,000 be applied toward the $1.4 million purchase of a 10-acre tract adjoining the Townsend Visitors Center. The money would provide a two-year option toward purchase of the property.

IF this is the same land, with the conservation easement in the hands of the FLC the land can still be sold but can never be developed. Right?

Mello That I am unsure of

But my feelings of that then yes the land could not be developed.But it isnt always so like what happened to me. That a stipulation on the property for that same owner then wants to change the stipulations for the next owner. But then that new owner can then have free to do with what he/she wanted. That is why I got involved with this all. But Honestly I do not know the how it is set up with the land trusts since I have not seen it and how it is written up. There are several different stipulations that you can errect on it.

The farm in Townsend for

The farm in Townsend for which development rights have been given to the Foothills Land Conservancy is not the property next to the visitors center.

When a property owner gives development rights to the FLC, it is permanent. FLC is bound to honor and even protect in court the restrictions they agree to when they accept the development rights. It is different from using deed restrictions to protect property.


Glad for correct data.

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