Dec 24 2007

The Yellow Squares are Coal-Fired Steam Power Plants.

Remember that our prevailing Winds are essentially West to East. Weather patterns happening over Nashville, tend to wind up here in a few hours--so do airborne particulates. Notice where the center of the big brown smudge, on the following graphic, lies.

Question: Who here amoung us, can tell me that the Stewardship of this Planet, is someone else's responsibility--not mine, not yours? As we develop this County, should we set an example by raising or lowering our Electrical Demands on the System? Would it be better to put out more and more Street Lights and Security Lights, or throttle back on the ones we already have? 100 Watts here, 100 Watts there, eventually (IM not-so HO) when we dry up all the resevoirs, the population will decrease--rather dramatically, then we won't need Electricity or Security Lights at all--Folks don't live where there's no water. Should we continue on, with the attitude that, it's someone else's problem, and continue the Predatorial Path of Consumption?

Just a thought, I wanted to Pass along, as we all sit cozy 'round the flashing bulbs, and strings of Christmas lights, burning all night long, for no one to see. The anticipatory gaze of our Children on this holy season, should give cause for reflection of our own Carbon footprints, and what we want to pass along to our children.


You're just trying to keep

You're just trying to keep our Christmas/Holiday spirits bright? You're charts are quite disheartening. We have cheap electricity, right? Not. We are electrified.

In time for a New Year's Resolution

I just want someone to tell me that it's someone else's responsibility--not mine.

viva Evo Morales

Blount County's Joules/second demand


Wouldn't it be a shock if the Blount County Commission, with the Mayor's blessing spearheaded an Energy Conservation / Solar, Wind Power Incentives programme for Blount County, next year? Something that would make our neighbouring Counties jealous of. As a start, 1/2 of all the Street Lights along Alcoa Hwy could be extinguished, and there would be NO increase in Darkness related Crimes. Maybe publicizing hourly Power Demand data from AUB and MUB would be a nice start, as well.

I don't mean to rain on anyone's Christmas cheer; but one thing, I did learn after working for the Dark Side for over 15 years is: never drop the Ball and keep your eye on the prize, constantly--our descendants, in this case, will appreciate it.

viva Evo Morales

Utility Board?

I don't mean to burst any bubbles but there aren't any Utility Boards in the city of Alcoa or Maryville. The Utilities are ran by city administration, not a (UB) Utility Board, like it once was many years ago.

AUB and MUB are no more?

I don't understand, Johnny O. How does it work? I thought AUB had the electrics for Alcoa & Part of Blount County, while MUB had Maryville & the rest of Blount Co. Who, then is the record holders, book keepers, tallyers, and stewards of the Power Usage information? What is the new Heiarchy scheme?

My bubble's still intact--didn't pierce me, a'tall.

viva Evo Morales

i'm glad

Alcoa Electric Department does have all of Alcoa, part of Rockford, Louisville, and part of Townsend, oh and yes parts of BC. Maryville Electic Department has their own set of customers. The record holders are the folks who work in the cities Finance Department. I guess that's why when one goes to get "new service" the new utility customer will have to go to the municipal building to establish a record. I've often wondered why there wasn't an AUB and a MUB anymore.


record keepers

"The record holders are the folks who work in the cities Finance Department."

Do you reckon these records are public information? I assume that if there are no specific interests; then the data is filed away. There probably aren't any tailored graphs, tables, or maps that describe consumption.

viva Evo Morales

Public Record

All that info should be public info as per the cities charter (bylaws). I saw one of the cities charter online not long ago, it read that all information filed by the Recorder (which is held by the Finance Department Head) is public Information.
Your right I’d say that there isn't any tailored graphs or anything. But I’m sure they are able to find who consumes the most electricity/water.
I'd be interesting to find how none the less.


you must love the winterfest in sevier county....

Off the top of my head,

Off the top of my head, things local government could do:

- Review all local government energy use and make cutbacks wherever possible, including BL's suggestions above re. street lights, LED traffic signals, efficient lighting/climate control in schools and public buildings, etc. etc. The City of Knoxville just recently concluded such a review and found hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, with the most significant savings starting with LED traffic lights.

- Look into biodiesel for school buses.

- Work with local utilities to offer rebates or credits on utility bills for energy saving upgrades such as compact fluorescent bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, water heater blankets, insulation and window caulking, etc.

- Provide safe disposal/recycling for compact fluorescent bulbs.

- Review traffic signal timing to reduce idling and improve traffic flow. Eliminate traffic signals where possible and replace with roundabouts.

State government should:

- Adopt statewide mandatory energy efficient building codes.

- Offer tax credits and incentives for energy-efficient appliances, solar PV and water heater installations, and for hybrid cars.

- Adopt California vehicle emission standards and statewide inspections.

- Impose stricter point source emission controls for coal-fired power plants and other polluters

- Enact utility taxes to encourage conservation and help pay for the incentive programs

Even if...

RNeal, we have an ENORMOUS fleet of cars in Blount County gov't. Practically everyone on the A-List (not this one, the OTHER one) drives a county car. I think I heard somewhere that the Sheriff buys a certain set amount of cars each year, whether needed or not. If that number were halved and we spent a little more to buy hybrids or cars that could use biodiesel, wouldn't that make a difference? Tommy Hunt should love that.

And goodness, if you can get rid of "booger lights" out here in the county, please do. I think the planning commission could help with that, if they haven't already. I can never understand why they make people feel safer. Kind of looks like a convenience for the average burglar!

Booger Lights

"if you can get rid of "booger lights" out here in the county ... I can never understand why they make people feel safer. Kind of looks like a convenience for the average burglar!"

Booger Lights! I love that term! Convenience for the average burglar, is correct--you're exactly right. In correspondance with Dr. Hudson, of The International Dark-Sky Association, last year, she said:

"... think about the security of his home from a criminal's perspective. Now wouldn't he need light to pick locks, or break in? Of course he would! So, having the lights on all night isn't really helping [the homeowner] out. All it's doing is giving the criminal light to commit his crime with. If the criminal drives by a few times, he'll know that light is on, even when people are sleeping, and it won't scare him off. Now if he tries sneaking up on a motion sensor light, and a big bright spotlight comes on, it's more likely to scare the criminal AND get the attention of the homeowner."

It appears great minds think alike. Only a burglar benefits from round-the-clock lighting.

"hybrids or cars that could use biodiesel, wouldn't that make a difference? Tommy Hunt should love that."

Hybrids are okay, they still use al Qaeda juice, but sparingly. Plug-In Hybrids are awesome; however, unless you're fueling them with Solar Power, then you're only exacerbating the Electrical Coal Smoke problem. Bio-Diesel is great. It supports local farmers, can be made at home with any vegetation that rots or from local restaurant grease. I've used B20 (20% Tennessee Soybean) for over a year now. Same price as regular Diesel $3.29/gallon. B99 (just 1% al Qaeda juice) is available at Co-op for $3.34/gallon, yet temperature and fuel pumps might be a factor there. I'd rather and will continue to support David Atkins, for I can't stomach doing business at a dos equis station.

viva Evo Morales


It appears great minds think alike.

That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day! **Sniff**

I Agree

- Adopt California vehicle emission standards and statewide inspections.

Does that mean I can't drive my John Deere tractor to Walgreens? I Can't imagine how many vehicles would be taken off the road just in Blount County alone.

Randy, those are some pretty good idea's but getting the government to buy into them is the trick.

More global warming garbage?

We are carbon based life forms, right? We need to stop thinking of carbon as a pollutant. It is not.


That's not necessarily so

It is a pollutant when there's too much of it, or it is in a place where it shouldn't be. Think about soot, for instance:
I'm pretty sure that soot would be considered a pollutant...

This is true of many things - even a flower is a weed, if it turns up in your cabbage patch. Even carbon is a pollutant, if it is where it ought not be.

it's pretty much all connected

"when there's too much of it"

Globally, Nationally, and Locally--Excessive consumption is pretty much wrecking the whole Spiel. Sustainability woes are just 'round the bend.

If'n you have a few minutes to watch, Annie Leonard has an interesting perspective on stuff.

WARNING! This presentation has content that may be disturbing to some Super-Capitalist Tree-Hating Lobbyist-Loving Pro-Globalization Corporate Thugs.

viva Evo Morales

TVA reaches 3.1 Billion Watts

3.1 Gigawatts, yesterday. If we went 100% Solar, then:

$700 per 136W Solar Panels @ Wintertime 12 hour max daylight (68W / day)
= 456 million solar panels = $320 billion = 10,602,000,000 square feet
= 243,388 acres = 380 square miles of solar panels = 2/3 the size of
Blount County

Mind you, that's just the Solar Panels, not including the huge array of Batteries and inverters.

acc. to The Oak Ridger, TVA customers get "10 percent of its power from hydroelectric sources. About 60 percent comes from coal and 30 percent from nuclear fuel"

60% of our power requires dumping Black Coal, 7 rail cars at a time, per Plant, into a giant furnace, while 7 more cars wait in line, on a non-stop, constant, round the clock cavalcade of spewing pollution into the air. To stem the tide, Solar by itself won't work. Our addiction can be remedied by Nuclear Power, Solar Power, and by an overwhelming majority: CONSERVATION!!

viva Evo Morales

2/3 the size of Blount

2/3 the size of Blount County

Wonder how many acres of rooftop there are in Blount Co. Or, the TVA service area?

If TVA were smart and forward thinking, they would be looking into building, financing, and maintaining distributed solar PV and hot water systems.

Ticking Time (you know what)

Dr. Neal:

These Coal Plants are adjacent Rivers in order to have water to turn to steam. Hydro-Electric Dams are, of course, on Rivers, as well. Nuclear Power Plants take +12 years to commission. As the tributaries dry up, then so do the rivers. If, I (maybe we) am/are correct, then 12 years is too long. If we reach -20 inches next year, perhaps -30 inches the following, what shall we do?

Conservation, and massive PUBLIC FUNDING for Photo-voltaic Solar Panels and/or Wind energy is paramount. Even if we're wrong, we've reduced airbourne pollution--and that helps our future generations, regardless.

viva Evo Morales

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