Dec 24 2007

and it brings well wishes of hope, love and charity to the real Blount County A-list.

Yes, you know who you are. You are the ones who stand up and are counted. Those of you who don't say or think what is in it for me rather you ask how it will effect others. Week in and week out the real Blount County A-listers work to make not only Blount County but the world a better place- one person or one issue at a time. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that you simply do not realize the impact you can and do have on the lives of others.

I have had the privilege to see some of these effects first hand. So on behalf of those you all have helped in one way or another, I want to say a heart felt thank you and raise a glass of good cheer in your honor.

The A-Listers

I do not live in Blount County, but have very much interest in what you A-Listers have to say . . . and those who know me from this blog, know why . . .

I will echo the comment that I too have had the privilege to see the positive effects of your comments. Thank you and I too will raise a glass of good cheer in your honor.

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I think we owe thanks to you

I think we owe thanks to you as well. You are a breath of fresh air. Best wishes to all in 2008!

and Mello...

It is not lost on most of us that you are one of those so eloquently described...

You are a gift to this community, and I for one am grateful for you, plain and simple...

the most wonderful night is....

the spring equinox, in my opinion.

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