Dec 24 2007
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Nice Christmas Story

What a nice Christmas story. Actually it sounds like your family always has a nice Christmas since you spend it at such beautiful places with your family. Hope you had a great one!

God bless us, everyone


Now off to count the birds!

Many hours later....

WooHOO! My unofficial and very personal Christmas Day bird count turned up with a very delightful surprise!

The day started out with the sun wanting to shine in Cade's Cove. First sighting was 35 Canada geese followed by a couple of robins. A gold finch here and there.

We walked the trail back to the Elijah Oliver cabin and found it blocked by one very angry buck. We nearly walked into him because we were busy debating on whether or not the 'new' dam near the Abram's Creek Trail was beaver made. The buck snorted and did his deer style growl but finally moved off when another buck came bounding down the hillside towards him. An hour up at the Oliver place netted only a few chickadees and the sound of woodpeckers. The clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped so we headed back to the car.

A quick trip to the Cade's Cove visitors center only added a pair of cardinals to the tally. Side note- cardinals don't live in the western states so I am always pleased to see these guys.

With the wind starting to pick up we decided to try to find someplace sunny before we broke out the picnic basket. That lead us to the very public picnic tables in Townsend. While we dined with our bums frozen to the concrete benches and the sound of the Little River in our ears, the boys proceeded to list every Christmas trip that was better than today's. Christmas at Yosemite was better. No, Christmas at the Grand Canyon was better. No! Christmas in the redwoods was best. NO! we were never in the redwoods at Christmas, that was Thanksgiving! And so on and on they rambled.

And then it happened! Soaring just 25 feet over the Little River but clearly seen through the bare branches came an adult Bald Eagle. What an awesome and delightful gift!

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