Dec 28 2007


Moot. Moot. Moot. " No longer an issue "

One thing I have found very interesting is that the State seems to believe ( was told? ) that the Blount County Public Building Authority is going to be forced to shut its doors at some point.


PBA shutting down? What that in audit? What did I miss?

read page 132

I can't cut and paste the text but these are the final lines in that paragraph.

With operating funds at a minimum and no other projects scheduled, the PBA may not be able to continue in existence after the two current projects are completed. The PBA will have no other choice but to layoff employees and terminate all project and facility management activities.

I think TCA 2-10-119 spells out how this happens.


DT covers the PBA issue today (link...)

Early morning warning...... graphic may hurt your eyes if you partied last night. Or not.

A curiosity

Was it actually the PBA who poured that concrete all wrong, or was it Merritt Construction (or possibly one of their subcontractors)? And wasn't it the PBA who made Merritt Construction pay for the re-do?

I wondered why, if the PBA's future is truly up to the school board, that the photo on the article was of Jerry Cunningham and the "uncertainty" of the PBA seems to have been spawned by him. He wouldn't be indulging in a little amoeba-like powerplay, would he?

It looks to me like anything that was touched by Howard Kerr, a political opponent of Cunningham, is a target for disassembly. (See Sister City Letter...)

I have often heard...

that once you cross the man currently serving as our County Mayor, he never forgets. Grudges are supposedly one of his specialties, that and insulting half of Blount County. I think even his long standing supporters are beginning to wonder who in the world they've put in that seat. His rudeness, calculated manipulations, total lack of concern for the people of this county, and sheer lack of diplomacy or interpersonal skills is striking...

And it's funny how he can find a way to CUT OFF funding for the PBA, but can't find the testicular fortitude to even hold BACK on funding for the BCSO...

Unchecked growth

“They had no crystal ball to have an insight as to what it would evolve into — it’s grown like an amoeba ... into a minibureaucracy.” Cunningham said.

I'm really taken back this. Taking the Mayors word, assuming they are overstaffed at the PBA, this would have to be the first time in Blount a department has grown bigger than it needed to be; (link...)

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