Dec 31 2007

The MDT looks back at some of the stories that have touched the lives of our readers.

Well, yes, those are some of the stories. Which ones do you believe the DT left off this list?

Good and bad

I'm impressed that they included the Ana Calixto story, but a little discouraged that they failed to mention the ensuing Support Rally by the A-list in the descriptive blurb. Also, the Diploma Mill Scandal didn't get included. I thought that was a pretty big story.

Notice they didn't include the Real Estate Market Decline!! (No, I forgot -- there IS no decline... With this being a top story nation-wide, I'm guessing someone at the Daily Times feels really silly for retracting that article and printing real estate lies to make up for it.)

Ana was surprised that her

Ana was surprised that her story was one of the top stories for 2007, but I was not.
She asked that I thank all of you for the help and support she has recieved this year.
Here's hoping that some of these things that have came to light this past year will bring about some change in Blount County in 2008.

real estate decline

Are you a real estate agent? Have you checked the numbers?

real estate numbers

I am not a real estate agent, but saw some numbers that were quite consistent with the article that was semi-retracted. Has there been a change since then? I did notice an article in today's DT Money Times that said that "Existing Home Sales Nudge Up."

What is your assessment of the market?

the local market


ask anyone in Blount County who has sold a home, bought a home or had a appraisal to refinance and you are going to hear the same stories over and over again- it ain't good.

Trulia is a neat website that gives good details on local markets if you take the time to really review the site. Great charts and comps as well.


for fun, looking back, back to 2006


A year ago the DT said

With all the change going on in Blount County, a look back at 2006 offers a vision of the future.

Dynamic forces are sweeping across the county as unrelenting as the record 106 mph winds that swept through Great Smoky Mountains National Park in October

In mid-November, Tom Hatcher repaid the county for tuition to Columbus University after he learned the school was unaccredited. He admitted he "made an error in judgment in failing to more thoroughly investigate this school before I enrolled" and said he will personally pursue efforts to recover the money he lost due to "unfair and deceptive business practices" on the part of Columbus University.

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