Dec 31 2007

Blount Today files this report on the recent audit of the Blount Co. Sheriff's Office. An excerpt:

There have been recriminations -- professional and personal - plus under-the-breath talk of political collusion and veiled references about whether there had been waste, abuse, even fraud involved in the disposal of the vehicles.


Bennett, Berrong and Cunningham all say this report, its recommendations and their implementation mean this controversy can be crossed off the list in its entirety.

“No further investigation,” Bennett said, “is warranted or planned.”

The article also quotes County Commissioner David Graham as saying there are attempts to paint him as a "follower of a Folts cult, and that’s not the case."

Folts has a cult?

Cult = accountability? Yeah,

Cult = accountability?

Yeah, some cult.

Folts is a cult?

If so, where do I sign up??

Where would this county be without your Jim Folts and Linda Kings? I think it would be business as usual, but without fear of exposure.

Nice try from "We Three Kings"

Finding 07.02: The office of the director of finance and sheriff and the purchasing department had deficiencies in procedures and controls over vehicle inventory records.

This is the first statement of the audit, and our three kings want to claim "no problem". I wonder how the weather is in their world?

Berrong said vehicles are added to or removed from inventory based on their vehicle identification numbers. Vehicles are removed when they are sold, salvaged or parted-out to the extent that they no longer qualify as a viable vehicle.

This sounds like an excuse for this;

Donated and forfeited seized vehicles had not been added to the Accounting Department's inventory of the Sheriff Department’s equipment on a consistent basis. County policies require acquisition forms to be completed and filed with the Accounting Department for donated items. However, the Sheriff’s Department had not provided such forms for several donated items.

The audit didn't spend much time looking into the accounting at local garages. Maybe in lieu of holding up in the county, a search downtown would have yielded more. If a car becomes like a Waffle House omelet, scattered, smothered, diced and chopped - how is it supposed to be counted?

The controversy over the “missing” cars, Berrong said, has been “distracting us from doing our job in law enforcement. It stops me and my entire staff and costs a tremendous amount of man-hours.

Citizens, don't you understand - these hours would otherwise be dedicated to study time for those seeking their college degrees. Joke: How many BCSO deputies does it take to find missing cars? Answer: Apparently all of them. ("entire staff")

Mayor Cunningham said that chasing down those complaints - all of which, he said, proved invalid - cost state taxpayers as much as $12,000 and possibly a like amount in Blount County, thereby having exactly the opposite effect that the original budget critics said they wanted. It cost the county money instead of saving it.

First, if the Sheriff took part of his $17million plus budget and dedicated it to proper accounting, it wouldn't have cost a dime. Also, any money saved this year is a result of citizen input, certainly not because of a lack of it.

“No further investigation,” Bennett said, “is warranted or planned.”

By them.

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