Jan 2 2008

And no snow to show for it. Glad I covered my palm trees.

colder this morning

and with our power going off and on it will be a long day......

No heat?

That's awful! We have heat, but when I put my semi-damp hand on the screen door handle to let the dog back in, my hand froze instantly to the metal. I was glad I didn't try opening it with my tongue.

Guess we got lucky after all

I think the voters of

I think the voters of Tennessee didn't mean to vote for a literal tax freeze. I demand a recount!

gives new meaning

to frozen assets...

I think we should call the land which has the tax freeze TUNDRA.

I have five acres in TUNDRA but they tax the hell out of the rest of it!

Note to self-
post quickly before power goes off again
charge the cell phone!
bring in kerosene heater.

The pupster didn't want to

The pupster didn't want to go for a walk yesterday morning. But, noooo, when it is even colder this morning she's quite perky and ready to go the full walk. It actually was nicer today. Barely any wind.

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