Blount County Circuit Court Judge Mike Meares has launched his official Campaign Diary blog.

Judge Meares, who was recently appointed by Gov. Phil Bredesen, is seeking election in August. He is asking for bi-partisan support and says "Being a Judge should never be about politics as usual and neither should this campaign."

So true

I wonder why judicial campaigns ARE partisan? You'd think the state would want to do all it could to ensure objectivity. There was a big effort by the Republican party to stir up an opponent early on - there must be some reason that seat is important to them.

I've met Mike before and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

Mike is a genuinely nice guy

Mike is a genuinely nice guy who wants to do a good job for Blount County and its citizens. He believes in fair even handed justice by the laws he is sworn to uphold. I believe he will do and with any luck will continue to do a great job as Circuit Judge.

He needs all the support he can get both Democrat and Republican. When it comes to justice, voters should be color blind. Justice is not about Red or Blue but about RED, WHITE, & BLUE......

Justice is not about Red or

Justice is not about Red or Blue but about RED, WHITE, & BLUE......

Now that's what I'm talking about! I am encouraging everyone I know and meet to VOTE the people out who think they can do as they please in Blount County. This is not their county it is our county and as an American I demand fair Justice for all peoples regardless of who their daddy is or the color of their skin or where they come from.

Every one I have spoken to has said the good ol boys have too much power and are corrupt, from an old farmer to a few fellows who have been in the courts and the jail. I know all kinds of people from all classes and races and all say the same thing!

I keep hearing...

good things about this judge from people who've served on juries in his courtroom- people who don't even really know who he is, but were struck by his manner... Fascinating, really. I've lived in BC for decades and have never noticed comments like this before...

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