The Look Rock Bakery and Pizzeria just opened today in the space formerly occupied by the Atlanta Bread Company in Alcoa at 133 Associates Blvd, which is near the SunTrust Bank and the Alcoa Municipal Building.

They don't have a website yet, but they were kind enough to fax a menu which I have attached. The breakfast and lunch menu is similar to the Atlanta Bread offerings but with more variety, and bonus, they have some great sounding pizzas. And beer!

Owner Andy Conaster said in a Blount Today article back in November:

The sense of community at the former restaurant hasn’t been lost on Conatser.

"I understand this was the place for breakfast and for the community to gather," he said. "(Building owner) Mike Whitlock was saying a lot of people said it was like a little family, especially the employees," Conatser said.

This sounds like they will cater to the former Atlanta Bread regulars, which will make lots of folks happy, while also expanding the business with a more varied menu.

We can't wait to try them out, probably for bagels and coffee in the morning. They just opened this morning, so I imagine it's a little hectic there today.

Anyway, welcome and good luck to Look Rock Bakery and Pizzeria.

lookrockmenu.pdf361.05 KB

Dropped by twice yesterday,

Dropped by twice yesterday, once for a latte and later for a pizza and beer. I am pleased, so far. The interior has not changed much from Atlanta Bread and that's okay. It was already a nice setting for eating and meeting. I am soooo happy Look Rock Bakery and Pizzeria is open. I hope they are around for a long time.

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