Jan 13 2008

Seeing Immigration as Migration may help those of us who really want to understand the world (as opposed to those who do not care why immigrants live here but are against it anyway). Here is a long but very interesting analysis that makes it clear that the basic economic forces of capitalism and especially neoliberal capitalism are the drivers of migration/immigration. (link...)


Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this informative article.

I must add that in doing a

I must add that in doing a quick read of this article I noticed the mention of the Kimberly Clark company.
A friend of mine, legally working here from Veracruz, Mexico, told me the Kimberly Clark Company de Mexico, has polluted a major river in that area. I want to say El Rio Blanco (White River), but it may have been El Rio Verde (Green River). I was told that the locals used to fish, swim, picnic and enjoy this river, but now it was "muerto" dead.

I asked him why the locals do not protest this and he said the people thought they could do nothing. The government did not care and that this company was a good place to work. "Every one working there could afford to buy a car."

Remember that the next time you buy paper products.

Imperialist Exploitation

Very nice Article, YellowDog. It seems that our exporting Jobs overseas has yet another fallout on the immigration issue. If we were to shut down NAFTA, raise Tarriffs, and take advantage of the rise of Green Industries; we would soon be shopping the World for laborers to come here and help out. The new Democratic Socialist models, flourishing throughout South America, are indeed doing this; yet we are told to believe that a Global Economy is better for us. The new model Democracies tend to be somewhat Isolationist, and condemn International Trade. IMO, that's not such a bad idea. Slow down international trade, raise tarriffs, re-build interior industries, start buying Made in America, and eventually we'll be begging immigrants to come and join our new Industrial Revolution. The era of De-Regulation brought on a lot of these Industries shipping out of the country, and this must come to an end, before the roll of paper on the Bathroom Wall becomes more valuble than the paper in our Wallets. The Cuban Minister of Industries from 1961-1965, realized the importance of Diversifying and Expanding interior Industries, but his plans were shut down by the Imperialistic influences of Soviet Russia--who forced Cuba to go back to mere Sugar Cane production.

Note: Just because philanthropic terms are used in a Nation's name, does NOT mean that they reflect those ideologies. Typically these terms were used as an audible appeasement to the populace. The Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, was just as Imperialistically Capitalist as the US in the 60's. Another example lies with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (N. Korea)--they're not Democratic at all--just a name.

viva Evo Morales

Even after many years of

Even after many years of NAFTA-esque policies, the manufacturing sector of the US economy is still quite large and it is the source of a great many of the jobs that still have pay and benefits adequate to support a family with a decent lifestyle, but the economic policies of the US make it very hard for them to thrive. There is a future in the US for high tech and sustainable manufacturing and the decent jobs that can go with it, but not if all we care about is short term profit for the Wall Street-traded companies and US "consumers" being able to buy useless and unsustainable junk for cheap.

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