So says the Maryville Daily Times. Since I probably won't be voting in the state Republican primary when it comes around, can all you GOP lurkers please vote for Overbey for me? OK, thanks. (Will any Democrats step up to the plate?)

Is this race in 2008 or

Is this race in 2008 or 2010?

I am asking because I heard thru the grapevine that Tonawanda R Monroe Ball of Friendsville has filed her petition to run against Doug this summer.

Ms. Ball is running for Doug

Ms. Ball is running for Doug Overby's House Seat.

2008, even numbered state

2008, even numbered state senate districts and house districts. Finney was first elected in 2004. Qualifying deadline is April 3, and the primary is Aug. 7th, same date as the county elections and U.S. House and Senate primaries. (I think I have all that straight.)

Can anyone vote in the August primary?

Because if I can vote in the August primary, after voting in the Democratic Presidential Primary February 5, I will DEFINITELY be casting a vote for Overbey. I'm thrilled that a non-neanderthal will challenge Dr. Huckleberry for the State Senate.


Um, whatever made you think Overbey was a non-neanderthal? Make sure you don't fly from the frying pan into the fire, fellas.


Overbey ((link...))

Quote from the Article: Overbey was equally supportive of Young, saying he is a good judge “who has served so well for so many years.”

Overbey said he has practiced law in Young’s court and he has “respect for him as a jurist.”

Looking over the growing crowd walking into the room, Overbey said he felt Young would be happy to see how many people are supporting him.

“I think, if I were in his shoes, it would certainly warm my heart,” he said.

While he would not say if he agreed with the assertion of some at the gathering Tuesday, that recent coverage in The Daily Times was “unfair”, Overbey said the stories in the paper and the man he knows just don’t jive.

“What I’ve read has not been consistent with the judge I have appeared before,” he said, saying Young was always courteous and respectful to those appearing before him. End Quote from the Article.

Well, the ones who weren't women, Seventh Day Adventists, or Latino...


I see what you're saying about Judge Young. But I chalk that up to just being a partisan hack and not to being a dangerous ideologue like Finney. I don't reckon we'll ever get a State Senator who I can support fully. But I'd rather have an easily manipulable Main Street Republican than a hard-right David Horowitz-loving Christianist like Finney. I'm voting in the GOP primary for Overbey. Maybe a Democrat can make a serious run for Overbey's House seat?

Yes, you can vote in either

Yes, you can vote in either primary. You pick a ballot when you sign in to vote.

Since it doesn't look like there will be a Dem challenger going up against Lamar!, I may join you in the Republican line.


Great idea.

Let's replace an honest guy with a card carrying member of the Blount County political machine.

Finney is his own man

I'm not a Finney fan either, but at least you can fight him on the merits of what he says. You need to fear the opposition you don't see more than the one you do.

Overby follows the Blount GOP playbook. A little in the collection plate, a little hand shake and a do what your party tells you to do in Nashville.

Finney does listen

I too do not agree with all of Finney's stance. But he has listened. Last year at Paws in the Park, he came to me and asked me lots of questions about the disagreement between the ones building the new county shelter and the Blount County Humane Society.

And I just went yesterday to his animal law blog and posted how I was against the specific-breed ban on Pit Bulls. As many of us in rescue, and those of us who have worked at vets know, not all Pits are bad dogs. As a friend said when they heard about the proposed ban, "Let's ban the stupid dog owners."

But Senator Finney has already answered me and said that bill has been withdrawn. And he told of a new bill he is sponsoring to make anti-freeze less appetizing by adding a bitter agent. (Anti-freeze is sweet tasting, leading animals and children to drink this dangerous poison which can lead to death.)

I have found him very approachable. Which is more than I can say for some of the politicians.


Sad, but true

Yes, Overbey has sold out to the icky side of the Republican crowd. Get real folks. ANYONE who has former commissioner Keith Brock as his "back-up." Uh, hellooooo. Apparently, Brock has "filled-in" for Overbey several times around about bottom of the barrel!!
AND, the scuttle is that Overbey's announcement has ruffled the feathers of his previous campaign contributors/supporters who hold Finney in high regard. Of course, this all begs the question: Will Brock be running for Overbey's open House seat?

Brock a representative?


If you ever watched him in a Commission meeting you would notice him sit and giggle evily with the guy next to him, often during the portion where the public was pouring their heart out. You got this whole mental image of a bunch of stupid, rude high school boys rating the aesthetic qualities of the female student's rear-ends as they walked down the hall. It was as though he actually thought the audience couldn't see him or something. (You know how when little kids cover their own eyes they think they disappear.)

Now, granted, I don't know what he was really giggling about in such a disrespectful manner - perhaps it really was the issue the speaker was articulating. Either way, I wouldn't elect him to be the county dog catcher.

I'm not a fan of Overbey. And he's not as slick as I thought he was if he is consorting with the likes of Brock. I will vote for Finney, who is not my favorite, but is undeniably honest and has gone out of his way to get input from the community. He does it all the time, proactively contacting people to meet for coffee and hear their ideas. I cannot say the same for Overbey. His marching orders do not come from the good people of this community, but from the machine. And that is where your votes will go if you vote for him to get rid of Finney.

You've nailed it!

Local Yokel you hit the bulls eye! You are EXACTLY right about Brock. He rents his "pad" from the sheriff's parents over at Lambert Acres. And, they aren't holding prayer meetings out there! The guest list is a Who's Who of local GOB'ers. Or, perhaps you prefer this more apt description SOB's: Sinister Ol' Boys! And, you were thinking I meant....heavens NO!

And is it true...

that when Brock was on the commission he couldn't find a job, so Bob Kidd (fellow commissioner) hired him, but he was so bad that even Kidd wouldn't keep him and the GOB's had to help 'find' him a job at Blount Memorial?

If true, the story sounds like a poor kid in school who can't really do much of anything, so his friends, teachers and parents find ways to give him 'busy' work so he'll feel included and useful.

He looks like a bully.

For what it's worth, rumors went around some time ago that Brock or D. Tipton would be the R's choice for Overbey's house seat.

Don't suppose we could convince you to run, Jane??????????? :))
Or you, Local???? :))

Maybe Jane?

I'm not running this time around. But this Republican is: ((link...)).


I'm not running this time around.

That's good news.


That's good news.

Can't agree w/ you there...

In fact, there are many thoughtful, articulate, and reasonable persons commenting on this site that I would like to see consider a run for office.

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