Some people have had a chance to read the latest State Audit Report on Blount County. Funny thing - it does not say what Finance Director (and political machine Chairman) Bennett claims. See (link...) for the real story.

More Story Opportunities

This is another good example of what bloggers can do. Through the citing of purchase orders, state audit reports and simple math, this citizen and his organization has done a lot of work on behalf of the rest of the populous and reporters.

This citizen does not draw a check for what he does and has no long time interest in Blount County he is trying to protect. The one thing Citizens for Better Government and Citizens for Blount County's Future do have, is a lot of support - both vocal and non-vocal.

Had he received accurate answers to his original questions, he could have been doing what he came to Blount to do - enjoy his retirement.

Job Review

Let's see, what kind of "employee review" ranking would you give Bennett and the Sheriff after these audit findings? How about a D- or an F ? Seriously, HOW DO THESE GUYS HAVE JOBS? This is the kind of thing that would get anyone else fired! Do you think Cunningham would "fire" Bennett? Heavens NO! Cunningham has less of a clue than Bennett! And, of course, the only way to get rid of the sheriff is if he finally gets indicted for his misdeeds (and misusing OUR money) and/or gets voted OUT of office next election cycle. Why, oh why does Blount County always get stuck with these buffoons?! It's time for a CHANGE! Hmmmm...kinda sounds like all the presidential campaign slogans, doesn't it? Surely, there are qualified people out there who would put in an HONEST days work for the people of Blount County!

What a concept!

Just tell the truth. How hard is that?

Apparently very...

Imagine how much time would be saved if certain public figures spent less time defending problems and more time solving them.

And yes, DG, I agree with you completely. Most of those involved in these two citizen groups have nothing to gain from all of their hard work- and risk-

except a clear conscience, civic pride in a job well done, and good night's sleep.


Just tell the truth. How hard is that?

When you have a chance at losing control over half the general fund, codes that favor your ridge top development, influence over I-140 terminating at the family golf course and a board position at Blount's "main" bank - I would imagine the truth doesn't look all that appealing.

Well since ya put it that way...

What was I thinkin'?

Tell the truth? You gotta be kiddin'!

See his lips?

Some of the deputies say about their leader: If his lips are moving, he's lying. He has no credibility among his staff. They've been lied to for far too long. If only more of them would come forth. They could save this community a ton of money from his empire-building and living large on our tax dollars.
I applaud all the efforts of retirees and citizens groups who have the time and resources to dig out the information that these administrations have worked to bury. Never give up--Power to the People!

Responsibiltiy for accurate accounting

I am quite shocked that the work performance of Dave Bennett has been deemed acceptable. In a private company, Mr. Bennett would have been taken to task, put on probation or even fired for his work performance. Why is it ok for government personnel to have such poor work performance? The media portrays 3rd world country leaders as being corrupt, I don't believe we have to go to far to find some in our back door! Mr. Bennett as well as the Sherriff's Dept should be held accountable for explaining and documenting the 28 missing vehicles. If I had one vehicle missing from my driveway, I would notice. How does a sector of our government that has been charged with protecting citizens and investigating crimes not notice 28 missing vehicles? How can Dave Bennett justify not investigating this issue further? Why hasn't the state come in to this county and question the actions of those who have chosen to suck the residents dry with foolish spending of our tax dollars.

Bennett's non-accounting for Sheriff's vehicles

Bennett has a very fundamental conflict of interest. He is County Finance Director and Chairman of the Republican party political machine. (There are some good Republicans who are fighting for reform. Please don't mix them up with Cunning ham, Berrong and Bennett.)

The Sheriff's family, the Lamberts (his mother) have controlled the Blount County political machine for decades.

A real Finance Director would be riding herd on Sheriff Berrong to make sure taxpayer money and assets are being used properly. But Berrong is the most powerful man in the political machine. And Bennett is the Chairman of the political machine. And Bennett owes both his jobs to Berrong.

What a great recipe for honesty in government!

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