Jan 17 2008

Our favorite bank hits the news again!


Better read it quickly before they retract it.

pick up a copy of Friday's edition?

Didn't see the full story in the online edition today? Is it in the print?

I'm not sure that the "misleading terms" would be much of a story. Banks cover themselves pretty well in the fine print to the point they could be accused of misleading in all their transactions.

However, if the interference with loan applications at another bank bear fruit, this could spell big trouble.

It is in the print business

It is in the print business section. It was online earlier on the front page, but now it's in the business section:


I've read it, and I'm still not clear on what their beef is.

Like to hear more

I'd agree. If case boils down to "he said the other guy wouldn't be as good to me as he would be" - it sounds like a loser. If the builders are working on hear-say and don't have anything documented, I think the only winner will be their lawyer.

But I'm leery enough of local reporting to think I've seen the whole story.

Why would anybody...

Why would anyone conduct millions of dollars of business on hearsay? Surely, they had a written agreement and not verbal.

"Ecouraged" - on paper?

I would hope so too. I was referring to the following;

“Mr. Stuart encouraged Potter & Sunderland to keep the loan at GreenBank, stating that Citizens may have lower interest rates and possibly lower closing costs but had hidden fees that would offset the savings.”

Unless they have something from Stuart that spelled that out in writing, it will just be a matter of "I didn't say that." I'm no fan of Greenbank but I'm still going to wait to hear more before I form a complete opinion.

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