Jan 29 2008

The Mrs. was at the drug store picking up a prescription for me yesterday (thanks!) and there was a woman in front of her with six prescriptions to fill. The clerk was going over the cost of each prescription with her, so she could decide which ones she would have filled. She couldn't afford to pay for having them all filled.

It is immoral and just plain wrong that anyone in America has to make decisions like this. Yet millions do every day.

I just wanted to note that anecdote, but it also reminded me of the BlountRX program.

This is a free, no-obligation prescription discount card offered by Advantage Wellness of America, a Knoxville company that offers a variety of health care programs. They are affiliated with a large national pharmacy benefit management program that negotiates the prescription card discounts.

It's a pretty good deal, especially for commonly prescribed medications and especially if there are generics available. If you sign up through the BlountRX program, they rebate a small percentage of sales back to Blount Co. government. There is also a KnoxRX card with similar rebates to Knox Co. government, or if you don't live in those counties they have an AdvantageRX plan that is exactly the same benefit.

You sign up online (follow one of the links above), print out your card, and present it when you have your prescription filled. It takes about five minutes to sign up. My pharmacy keeps the info online, so the discount is automatic. I have had one for about two years, and I save over 70% (about $50) per month on one prescription. Your savings will vary depending on the medication. I have never been hassled or solicited or spammed by the company. I am not affiliated with them in any way and mention this only as a public service announcement.

It's not a long-term solution to the myriad of problems with America's broken health care system. But it might help people like the woman in line at the pharmacy yesterday afford all her prescriptions instead of having to decide which ones to do without.


A drugged country

I think it's great that there are programs that will help with medicine costs.
This post brought to my mind just how drugged we are as a country.
Years ago I worked as a nursing assistant in nursing homes. The amount of drugs that were given daily to these old folks could have killed a cow!
I think it's gotten worse since then.
I believe most drug abuse in this country is from the use of legal drugs.
I have friends who after giving up the illegal drug use of their youth are more addicted now to legal drugs prescribed by their doctor than they ever were to illegal drugs.
If I took my doctors advise, I would be on an anti depressants, blood pressure medication and God knows what else. I decided to lose some weight, and deal with my depression by changing my attitude about my problems and how I dealt with them.
Now we even drug our children for conditions that a trip behind the woodshed used to cure.

I know that many people truely need some medication but we are a nation of abusers of prescription drugs.

Now, where'd I put the ibuprofen?????


Are you sure you don't feel the need to run for County Commision?

I'd love to...but

I'm afraid I'd knock the crap out of the sheriff and/or the mayor, even if they had their goons standing by and end up in jail. "Hey son, come and get your moma out of jail."
I would curse in Spanish ...hijo de la .....
And most of all when they started quoting numbers my eyes would glaze over and I'd be thinking of a trip to Brackins' for a beer instead of listening...

Really I couldn't afford prescription drugs even with a discount. That's the main reason I went off blood pressure meds...no choice but to get up off my arse and move.

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