Feb 1 2008

Knoxville News Sentinel: Pellissippi buys Hwy. 321 property for new Blount campus

The 39.5-acre property was purchased from James A. Bumgarner and Dorothy B. Petree for approximately $1.18 million. The land is located on Highway 321, with access from South Old Grey Ridge Road and Nelson Lane. The property fronts both sides of Highway 321, with about 3.5 acres on one side of the road and the remainder on the other side.


Yes, but the DT has a photo!

It has been up all day at the good ole DT in the form of breaking news, and I meant to link it and forgot: ((link...)). Be sure to click back to the homepage for a great photo. Sounds like a great addition to the community!

I think it's a great idea.

I think it's a great idea.

I have no idea what the demand is in BLount County. I would think the demand grows every day. You have to have something to offer to meet the demand. The bigger they are will hopefully result in more offerings in Blount County, thus requiring fewer trips to the Hardin Valley campus.

Living in Blount County, I would rather travel to the UT Campus than Hardin Valley. Of course, the cost difference probably keeps many people away from UT.

great site

We have been concerned about the impact the new Union Grove schools would have on 321 traffic and with Pellissippi locating in the same area of 321 we have to get a traffic light out there. Anyone who travels 321 west knows of the problems with the Wm Blount Rd intersection.

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