Feb 4 2008

Tom Humphrey:

State Sen. Raymond Finney has reported providing his re-election campaign with a $200,050 loan, pushing the cash-on-hand campaign funds to $272,547 for an upcoming primary clash with state Rep. Doug Overbey.

Overbey, meanwhile, raised $82,318 during the past six months and now has $181,185 cash on hand, according to a campaign finance disclosure filed with the Registry of Election Finance. Overbey has announced that he will challenge Finney in the August Republican primary.


Thats commitment

Maybe he realizes that Overbey is just a party pawn. I am impressed with his level of commitment.

Minnesota: You are impressed


You are impressed with whose level of commitment? I'm at a loss for someone to explain why Doug Overbey is a "party pawn." Yes, he is GOP, but is that distinction in and of itself a badge of dishonor?*


* Disclaimer: Doug Overbey is my friend of many years and in my view a very decent man.

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