Feb 5 2008

MLK voting location, 1:45PM

Spent about an hour and a half over at the Alcoa Family Life Baptist voting location. We counted around 150 voters during that time. The official count when we left was around 380. There were no lines.

At MLK, they had recorded 101 voters as of 1PM. They said they were surprised by the relatively light turnout. They were projecting about 250 by the close of business. They said they heard the Montvale location was busy and had requested more machines, but none were available.

At Maryville Middle School, they had about 400 voters by approx. 2PM. They said it had been steady but slow. There were about ten people in line. They, too, said turnout was light so far, but they were expecting business to pick up after 5PM.

We saw lots of Ron Paul signs, and supporters waving signs and handing out info at Blount Middle and at Maryville High. We also saw lots of Hillary signs and three or four Romney signs. We so no McCain or Obama signs at any location. There were Meares signs everywhere.

More photos after the jump...

Ron Paul supporter at William Blount Middle

Ron Paul supporters at Maryville High

Meares supporter at Alcoa. Hey, she looks familiar!

MLK voting center signs

I think the lady in the topmost photo...

...is the lady who is running for Overbey's seat, right? She's also on the ballot for delegate, and is committed to Ron Paul.

Don't know, didn't get her

Don't know, didn't get her name. She came over and said Ron Paul was the only one who could beat Hillary and that if the Republicans didn't nominate him they would be sorry and that all the rest on both sides were all the same -- a bunch of war mongers. She was polite about it though, and very nice.

like flies on...

Around 4pm there were enough folks at Rockford Elementary to keep 4 machines active, but there wasn't really a line. It looked like they had been pretty busy, but I didn't get any numbers.

There were two Ron Paul supporters handing out leaflets, and judging from the sample ballot, Mr. Paul got the coveted winter crane fly endorsement.

Rockford busy all day, sounds like

They were backed up to the door at noon when I was there.

There was also a Ron Paul delegate stopping cars as they turned in the gate.

Report from Oakview Community Center

This place was hopping after 5:30. I saw only one sign in the yard and it was Ron Pauls.

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