Feb 7 2008

Russians, Immigrants and Orphans, OH, MY!


You got land. We want land.

One can only wish that BT put the entire letter up on their website instead of giving us these ... One can only imagine what ol' Jerry really had to say.


Why have a board? Only one vote counts

“When a door is slammed in my face, I start wondering why...."

Then, like a good mayor should, he goes about making sure he gets his way. Ultimately, in Blount, if you want to be considered as trying to do the "right" thing - you should check with mayor first.

His idea of "right" is the only one that matters.

So saith the machine, so saith the mechanics.

Evil dictator

Exact same approach as with South Blount Utility District board. To hell with the customers, if you don't bow to my opinion, than I'll simply replace you.

And now, it's to hell with the kids... what next?


I voted in the last election and I don't remember an evil dictator being one of the choices. Can we unelect the imposter?

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