saw it on tv

WATE and WVLT both covered the issue well. No bones about it, the SBUD board is not hiding the fact that their reappointment's depend on them pleasing the mayor and getting the flouride back in the water.

Side note- the mayor's response was much funnier on WATE than on WVLT.

I kind of tuned out...

I kind of tuned out once he mentioned Athletes Foot.

This is just a power play for him. A pissing contest.

Why doesn’t Linda get a job?

Wow, she has way too much free time.

The reason why no one knew about this is because we all were at work.


You're at work? Who in the

You're at work? Who in the GOP is paying you to be a full time antagonist on a progressive blog?

Explain to me....

...HOW someone as ill informed as Cunningham has the power to dictate this issue to the water utility? And, frankly, do these South Blount Board members have any guts? Seriously, how important is their appointment to this Board? Do they get a paycheck for serving? Why serve if you're only a rubber stamp to a slimy Mayor who is clearly playing politics for a supporter who sells fluoride?
The Board needs to serve the South Blount customers, period.
Sorry for all the questions, but that Board has a DUTY to stand up for customers they serve.

Ethics Complaint to be heard April 1st

Linda King has filed the following complaint to Betsy Cuningham and it will be heard by the Ethics Committee on April 1:

I, Linda King, am filing an ethics complaint against Mayor Jerry Cunningham. My reasoning for this points to his recent threat to the board members of South Blount County Utility District. He has stated that he will not appoint or re-appoint a person to the board who will not agree to vote to add fluoride (hydro-fluorosilic acid) to our water system. I am attaching a copy of his letter to Henry Durant, Manager of the water district. The board members had, in the past, taken a vote to keep us fluoride-free due to their knowledge of the adverse health effects of this toxic chemical and the fact that a survey had been made of their customers who had voted against this procedure. The water district felt that their customers, as the citizens of this community, had a right to choose to either ingest or not ingest a hazardous waste material, with the small chance of preventing cavities, while at the same time knowing the reported medical warnings and possible side affects of hydro-fluorosilic acid.

Cunningham’s action amounts to nothing more than an exchange of gifts. The board members of the water district are paid a salary and also receive benefits. Although they were, previously, against adding fluoride, the threat of the mayor caused them to fear losing their positions. They, therefore, are willing to give Mayor Cunningham their support in exchange for their board appointment.

How is this different than a politician giving or accepting trips, monies, etc. for a vote expected in return? I see it as exactly the same thing. Mayor Cunningham has given them the gift of an appointment in return for the gift of a vote.

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