Feb 13 2008
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If you're still burning al-Qaeda Juice in your Flivver, do yourself a favor and ONLY buy Citgo Gasoline. Citgo again this year is helping poor New Englanders with Heating Fuel discounts. Citgo is owned by Venezuela, with refineries in texas. Friday, Exxon-Mobil filed a lawsuit in some court to freeze Venezuela's assets in this country. With the Political and Monetary clout that Exxon wields, this Kangaroo Court sided with them and froze $12 billion. Venezuela responded by cutting off Exxon-Mobil from their Oil sales.

So let's think this through. A multi-national Corporation (the same corporation that convinced Darth Cheney to commit our troops to the former Nation of Iraq), in a Captitalist Nation is suing a Socialist Nation for the Socialist Nation's resources. How does that make sense? When Hugo Nationalized their Oil, how does it matter what a Capitalist thinks, since the Nation is Socialist (Democratic Socialist i.e.)? How will this affect you and I? The price at the pump will go up. But only at Exxon stations, right? Wrong! They all look out for each other, and all will follow lead. So how and why does our Judicial System have any reason at all to consider this case? Didn't W say that he's against frivolous lawsuits? So, if it's one of his buddies, the lawsuit is not frivolous.

Corporations hi-jacked the Constitution back in the 1880's alluding to the 14th amendment. They achieved the legal fiction of Corporate Personhood. Maybe it's time Obama offer to amend the 14th amendment. Merely add Section 6 "Corporations are NOT People, and therefore are not protected by the US Contitution." In Today's environment, I'd think this amendment would pass with huge public support.

And the Spin grows

Mind you, I think that Hugo Chavez, is probably an A-1 A-Hole, hard to get along with, and a loud mouth, but ...

  • Day 1: Exxon-Mobil files suit against Venezuela for Nationalizing the Oil that Exxon wanted to have so they could charge the bujeezus out of us at the pump.
  • Day 2: Chavez stops selling Oil to Exxon-Mobil.
  • Day 3: John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil US, states on C-Span, "Venezuela is threatening to shut the entire United States off from their Oil!" Exxon-Mobil is NOT the entire United States, but some Texo-Fascists believe so.
  • Day 4: Katie Mushroom-clouds-of-terror Couric interviews jilted EX-WIFE of Hugo Chavez, to show how mean of a Man he is.

Do you see the pattern of spin here? Can't wait to hear Condoleeza's spin on how we need to set things straight with Venezuela, probably bubbling out of her mouth by early next week. Cheney will start beating his War Drums within a month.

viva Evo Morales

I too, think Chavez is an

I too, think Chavez is an big a-hole but I have to admire his testicular fortitude for standing up to the US and Exxon. We have no right to think all the worlds oil reserves should be under our control.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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