Feb 15 2008
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(link...) vs. (link...)

While I'm all for protecting both, I think the larger issue here is that we have no choice but to correct our wayward judicial system.

TWRA officials were called to Chilhowee Mountain when a group of 20 to 25 hunters claimed to have found the four men hunting bear near a plastic barrel containing donuts.

How is that not enough evidence to at least go to trial? Something is not right with this case.

donuts don't count

Apparently donuts are ok but M&Ms are a big old no-no!


Barrel of donuts

In actuality they were hunting for Police officers?

Funny Johnnyo........ This

Funny Johnnyo........
This will not be a problem in the future because we will have housing developments (for those who can afford it) there and the only outrage will be because of damage to homes and such from Black Bears.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leave w/pay!

It just boggles the mind. Not only do the officers get PAID during the investigation -- they still have jobs overseeing this kind of nonsense. What about the guys who actually entered guilty pleas in the November bear baiting case. A whopping $50 fine! Are you KIDDING me?! Luring a park animal to its death gets you a $50 fine?! You can only hope that the poisonous karma they spread comes back and gives them a taste of their ill will.

Sending the message . . .

I'm in Asheville this weekend, and saw the following news article; I suppose that ginseng is a more important commodity than a black bear.

From the Asheville Citizen-Times


The word in "San Francisco East" is that they wanted to give the ginseng offenders more jail time to send a message (check the Comments-also that the Indian offender apparently received more time than the white offender)

Of course it begs the question of what judges and the legislature and the local governments deem appropriate punishments. Makes a thinking person wonder out loud . . . what does send a message?

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