Feb 27 2008

Here's an embarrassing development for Tennessee.

Senator Obama as been "Husseined" by The Tennessee Republican Party.


Crescent Moon Scare

You know, Obama wants to meet with our SUPPOSED adversaries like Iran. Iran, you know the country that's offered time again to help us in both the Afghani and Iraqi Wars. That same country whose leader was mis-translated by the AP, in order to serve the Neo-Con Political Agenda. This is the main reason the Knuckle-Draggin' portion of the TN GOP, wants to find enemies in as many places as they can create. God forbid we ever have a leader who would want to negotiate with countries that were christened by our current Texo-Fascist Administration as some WMD toting Axis of Evil.

viva Evo Morales

BL-- I would have loved..

...reading your papers in high school or college... You have quite a way with words. :)

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