Feb 29 2008

Is it embarrassing to be a member of the TNGOP right now?

Every member of the TNGOP that does not believe in this tactic of racial mudslinging should pull out of the TNGOP, and denounce any affiliation to them; that is unless, of course, you do believe that way.

It would seem to me that the TNGOP does not want to move forward, but backward. Backward to a time where narrow minded people could not accept someone was of a different race or religion. Is this the value of the “moral Tennessee GOP?”

I have lived in Blount County my entire life and rose up in a Southern Baptist Church of which I am still a member. And I can not say that I understand the mindset of a Tennessee Republican.

Blount County is one of the most Republican counties in the US of A, and gives much money to the TNGOP and the RNC. I would urge every Blount County Republican to rethink how you think America should be, and become a progressive member of a forward moving Democratic Party who is inclusive.


If it's on the internet, it must be true?

Unfortunately, there's no Snopes-like organization to clarify things for the average Tennessee Republican.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization


there's no Snopes-like organization to clarify things for the average Tennessee Republican.

Or Democratic party followers according the the CNN linked video, as even some Washington insiders were misunderstanding information as well.

The truth is there is half truths on both sides about all candidates, it just depends on who is backing who....

who is backing who

Honestly, I cannot fathom who would support a Presidential candidate that vows to drive our country further in debt, by borrowing more and more money with worthless US paper Bonds; from Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia, in order to pay for an Oil War on the other side of the Planet. I do not understand how one could flick the red switch, knowing that the dark side has vowed to keep big Oil digging in their pockets at the tune of $4.00/gallon, and strive to destroy all Liberties granted us by the embattled US Constitution. What drives a person to want to cause self harm? Is it because "my Daddy's a Republican so I gotsta flip the red switch"?

Note to financially strapped Republicans: There are NO Republican Politicians that feel your pain, as a matter of fact, most Republican Politicians enjoy seeing a great divide twixt Social classes. The only tool the Repubs have now is FEAR. Stay afraid, and bow down to repressive authority--that is the only message they have to sell this time around. The United States is one of the few Nations in the World, where the people are afraid of their Government. Most industrialized Nations have Governments that are afraid of the people--as it should be.

viva Evo Morales

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