Mar 8 2008
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This is the view from the school at Caton's Chapel in Sevier County. This is a crying shame. Fairview Angel--I would have posted this under your "Mountain Rape" entry, but I couldn't get the picture to upload.

This is a stunning reminder of development gone awry. If you stand at the school and look up at this mountain, it is nauseating.

Response to Found It! Mountain Rape


"Mountain Rape" clearly describes what we saw. My husband and I just returned home from a Gatlinburg vacation. We became lost after visiting the Arts & Crafts Loop and spotted this "bee hive." All we could say was "Oh my God." What were the developers thinking? I really feel for the people who have to look at that every day. It literally made me sick to my stomach. I am soooo sad that we have to sacrifice beautiful land for a piece of the view. Unfortunately, if property continues to be sold in your area, it will continue to be built. I hope your county begins sronger development restrictions.


Evidentally I'm just not smart enough to post a picture on this blame website! LOL

Could somebody help me out?



Upload in Image Galleries

You can upload your picture by clicking on the Image galleries link on the left of the page. Hope this helps.


Should I check to see if it's plugged-in also?LOL

I've tried eveything. I bet I've read the "Uploading photos" instructions 20 times. I just can't seem to get it to work and I have some great pictures of what is going on in the Townsend Area concerning ridgetop development and the trashy businesses of our mayor...............I just don't have an outlet to show them to anyone............yet.

Yo no se'. Gracias de todos modos.


Here's the new and improved Pinnacle Mtn across the river and behind Nawger Nob in Townsend.

All that beautiful sky and landscape.........and to think that it wasn't complete until some psychopath built a cabin on top.

Thanks for the view #$$^*&@!


I've seen that development. I threw up.

The first picture is of only

The first picture is of only about 50 houses... can you IMAGINE what 80 is going to look like? Is there nothing we can do to stop them?

Interfere with people's

Interfere with people's God-given property rights?? What are you suggesting? People with money and property are guaranteed by the Bible the right to ruin the planet, aren't they?

Depends on what version......................

That must be the "Vulcan Materials Version" or "Lambert Version" instead of the "King James version"!

Yes, it's real--no Photo Shop

I took the picture while visiting the school. Literally, it took my breath away when I saw it the first time. I was carryiing my camera and snapped a few shots because it blew me away. It brings up so many questions, but always leads to one answer--greed.

That's about as ugly as it

That's about as ugly as it gets. The media should publish this photo everywhere and frequently. Maybe the NYT will pick up on it and eventually someone will put a stop to the devastation.

Mountaintop Squalor

I think that's what Chilhowee Mountain will soon look like. SeeJaneRide, that is a really scary picture. I wonder what the Groundwater quality is like at the base of that Mountain?

Caton's Chapel circa 2018

viva Evo Morales

Very sobering

I mean, literally very sobering. Have a few drinks and you'd never be able to find the cabin you rented because they all look alike.

These are not cabins, they are warts.

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Sevier County Codes

It was this development that enraged the citizens of Sevier County. They county force leader into talks about development regulation. The move for more regulations get stronger every day.

That's for real? Not a

That's for real? Not a photoshop or architect rendering? Who would want to stay there?

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