I first received this via alert from the Sierra Club. Now, from the Daily Times: (link...)

According to the General Assembly's Fiscal Review Committee, however, removing these waters from regulation by the WQCA places the state in conflict with the federal Clean Water Act and will place approximately $2.1 million in federal funds in jeopardy.

But don't worry, he isn't really trying to do this:

"We're not really trying to make the definitions lax. We're just trying to get a definition. The uncertainty of what is or is not a wet weather conveyance has caused this problem to be inconsistently enforced. We're just looking for consistency. We're not trying to get away from it."

This comes before the House Environment and Conservation Committee on March 12th.

He was taught well

We're not really trying to make the definitions lax. We're just trying to get a definition.

Aren't congressman elected to define things - i.e. laws and codes?

I guess McCord knows better than the STATE agency directed to monitor such things. Maybe McCord got his move from Cunninghan. Don't like an agency - get rid of it.

We'll have to look to see if McCord claims TDEC is being investigated by the TBI. He's certainly one apple that doesn't fall to far from the Blount tree.

I've got a better analogy................

"McCord protecting water quality is like..." the way in which his cousin, the sheriff, "protects" the people of Blount County: with an agenda involving the development industry/family business.

Governor Bredesen turned McCord down last year on some scheme that he had created involving bio-fuel production. If I remember right, the governor made the comment that he was trying to "promote" the bio-fuel idea to TN farmers, not "enable" a privately owned family run business like McCord's idea involved.

Anytime that the comments of the Lambert Camp are quoted, we should all take heed to the underlying conflict-of-interest that flows through their sneaky beaurocratic veins.

"Crime doesn't pay...........as well as politics!"
-Alfred E. Newman


"That is absolutely not the case because Oklahoma has had this in place and has been practicing under this for several years and has not had a problem," he said."

I have spent enough time in Oklahoma to ask...WTF is McC talkin' about? Has he ever been to OK? Or is he just a faithful follower of Senator Inhofe?


I've come to the conclusion that he sucks as a representative. He doesn't care about all of Blount County, just the part that affects him. He rides on his name and ain't too smart.

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