Mar 12 2008

So when Nike came calling, offering incentive money if the school would buy their new uniforms, shoes and equipment from Nike, it was an easy decision for the coach.
He won't say how much extra stuff the incentive money will buy, only that it will make a difference.

They learn so young how important it is to be influenced by corporate America. Is it any wonder most of our young players have such attitude when they move on to the next phase of their lives?


Where is State Athletics Governing Board?

It's curious that TSSAA would allow such a cozy corporate arrangement. As the governing body of public school athletics, there are very specific rules for what teams and coaches can/cannot do. Anyone well-versed on public school athletic rules regarding sponsorships?

Hope this helps you understand................................

"Anyone well-versed on public school athletic rules regarding sponsorships?"

Enough to know that they shouldn't be RECRUITING kids away from the county schools with special incentives.

The nike deal should help MHS continue to be able to field a football team by recruiting out in the county. If it wasn't for county kids who don't know any better, MHS wouldn't be able to be as strong as they are in football. When I was up there, they wouldn't have been able to even field a team if it weren't for county kids.

It's always been that way.

You are correct seejaneride, at MHS they do their best to instill a sense of dependence on corporate America. Always have......would you expect anything less from a bunch of elitists?

You know that the MHS crowd thinks they are better than everybody else......they just needed a corporate sponsor to prove it.

Where was nike when the rebel flag was still flying? Should make you wonder about who within the Maryville City School Board was wanting nike on board to begin with. The nike deal was probably in the making for a long time and the process probably started many moons ago.

That should open up a whole new can of worms for ya.

The real story about what has gone on at MHS will eventually become self-evident.

If you have any questions, I would refer you to the retiring "Director".
"Nike" Dalton woud love to hear from you I'm sure.......

you've gotta be kidding


You're post is completely out of touch.

I hate to break it to you, and the lot of cry-babies just like you, but the only "recruiting" that MHS needs to do to draw families who live in the county is to continue to provide a first class education and quality coaching. That's it.

As a "county kid" who went to Maryville I can tell you from personal experience that the logo on the football uniforms had nothing to do with it. My parents sent me to Maryville schools K-12 because they wanted me to have the chance at a better education than the county schools provided. Parents in this area make that same choice still today.

Also, your "they wouldn't have been able to even field a team if it weren't for county kids" comment is wrong. I would estimate that at no time over the last 15 years has the number of tuition paying students constituted more than 10-15% of any athletic team - and it's probably less than that.

This is not a corporate sponsorship. This is barely a sponsorship at all - MHS is BUYING uniforms from Nike. Why aren't you belly-aching about William Blount sporting Under Armour?

And keep the "elitist" rhetoric to yourself as well. That line is tired.


"I would estimate that at no time over the last 15 years has the number of tuition paying students constituted more than 10-15% of any athletic team - and it's probably less than that."

The four years that I was at MHS, county kids made up an average of 71% of the kids on the team. In 1988, county kids made up 88% of the team.

That's all the proof that I can come up with. Where's your's?

That's right! I just got my yearbooks out and did a little math. Are you sure you went to MHS? I had pretty good math teachers............were you stuck under the gym taking your math?

I am a county kid who was recruited to play at MHS starting in 1986, my freshman year.

Evidentally, you don't know what you're talking about. You've evidentally been around the "crowd" too long.

MHS does have great academics but it's not the acedemics that buy people dinner, buy them shoes, buy them jackets and take them to Silver Dollar City.

The only person who is growing "tired" is you MR. Elitist. Tired and obviously confused.

I know the MHS faculty and staff inside and out and can tell you that YES, they do recruit.

And YES, we wouldn't have been able to field a team in 1988 if it were not for the MAJORITY of county kids who played football at that time at MHS.

I suggest you get your facts straight. You're starting to sound like our mayor and sheriff. Are you even old enough to remember 15 years back?

Nobody "belly-aching" here.........just stating the FACTS!

I think WB needs the "armour" on their "under"! What about you?LOL


71%-88%? Give me a break.

"were you stuck under the gym taking your math?"
I would love to compare degrees and IQ's with you.

Silver-dollar city? I hate to break it to you but it's 2008.

Let me get this straight, you were a "highly recruited football player" yet you didn't play your senior year. Was it that you couldn't cut it and just got tired of riding the bench?

How about making some specific allegations instead of hiding behind generic, broad accusations. Name names, don't just run your mouth. I'd like to know exactly what coaches, teachers, administrators and/or parents "recruited" you and your teammates.

And you were off about my age as I graduated in 1999.

"We ALL should have stayed in the county."
Nope, sorry - not true for me. I got a better education and was able to take advantage of opportunities that opened up because I was at MHS. Like SJR said, it works both ways - but you'd be turning a blind-eye if you didn't recognize that MHS provides the best education in Blount Co.

Ok, Let's compare.

BAS in Electronics Engineering and Technology, Honors Graduate, 3.87 GPA and did it in 3 years.

Didn't play my senior year because we didn't have coach worth a shit.

No, not "highly recruited" just recruited.

"And you were off about my age as I graduated in 1999."

So you have absolutely no idea what went on in 1988, squirt.

My freshman football coach was Tommwy Stinnet. My sophomore year was coach Don Story's last year but you probably don't know him either.
My Junior year, a moron by the name of Emory Hale was hired at the persistence of Lynn Brown. I know you know Coach Brown. Emory was fired after one season because he was sorry.

What should have been my senior year, they hired John Olive as coach. No way I'm playing for John Olive. I knew I wasn't going to play any college ball so I started focusing on my music. I'm still pickin' today, but football was over a long time ago.

In 1987, Dollywood was still a Silver Dollar City Theme Park, little boy, but you wouldn't know that because you were only four or five years old.

Several future teammates and I were all taken on a trip to "Silver Dollar City" before we decided to go to Maryville in the summer of 1986. ALL of us were county kids.

If "recruiting" was going on in 1986/87, then I am sure that it still goes on today.

Don't get me wrong, I had some great teachers at MHS. People of extremely refined intelligence. But I also had some real fruitcakes and teachers who probably wouldn't be allowed to instruct in the county system. MHS is a good school. I don't think that I was denying that fact.

I just don't think that my education would have been any different if I had gone to Heritageinstead of Maryville. The football team would have been alot different, but I am sure that HHS has some great teachers also..........just like Maryville High School.

So, cunick74 are you saying...


...that you are NO better than the kids who came out of Blount Co. Schools? For someone who isn't comfortable with the "elitist" comment, your post sure seems to diss Blount Schools while making MHS look as though it's filled with the cream of the crop.

Just so you know, many a parent has pulled their kids out of MHS, too. They cite a "cookie-cutter" approach as unsuitable for kids who come in all shapes, sizes, colors and socio-economic backgrounds.

In reality, Blount Schools, MHS and Alcoa all have something to offer, and areas in which they can improve. We should join together in applauding the achievements coming from ALL of our school systems.


Thanks seejaneride. You are right in your observation.

I'm sure that this was just another "personal-problem" or "personal ax to grind" thing. Probably an MHS School Board Member.LOL

I get alot of that...........can you believe it?LOL

There is an heir of elitism in the Maryville City School System. I don't think that anybody can deny that fact.................even the people who are employed there will tell you that.........the honest ones that is.

A little research...............................

cunick74, I am going under the assumption that you were born in 1974 because of your ID.

I'm probably wrong but that is my premise. If I am wrong then please disregard the following observations based on my premise.

That would make you two years younger than me.

That means that when I was a junior in 1988, you would have been a freshman. Do you not know who you played ball with that was from the county?

I did not play my senior year so we would have never been on the same team together.

All that "recruiting" going on right in front of your face and you didn't see it.........or are you just "belly-aching" because you weren't one of the athletes "good enough" to be recruited and recieve gifts?

We ALL should have stayed in the county. We were just teenagers and didn't realize what was going on. Our parents just wanted what was best for us. I'm sure most of them didn't realize the "elitism" (both liberal and conservative) that was being indoctrinated into our young minds.

Now.......who's next?

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