Mar 13 2008

The EPA issued new ozone standards on Wednesday. The new standard is not as low as what EPA scientists and public health specialists recommended in 2006, but the new standard will have an impact on transportation and land use planning in East Tennessee and the rest of the state.

A press release from the Southern Environmenal Law Center says,
"To improve air quality, Tennessee must focus on strategies to reduce how much and how far its citizens drive such as investing in transportation alternatives and coordinating transportation and land use planning to reduce sprawl."

See (link...)

The impact of the PPE...

These new regulations should have quite the impact of the proposed PPE. One of my comments to TDOT was that I wanted to see a fair evaluation of the impact of BUILDING the road on air quality. Construction equipment that uses diesel is a major contributor to air pollution.

impact of the PPE?

Are people so fooled by “global warming” that they think the exhaust of a few pieces of construction equipment will have a significant impact on the air quality of the entire county? Come on! Have you people even read a chemistry book?

Imagine That

So what forms of Public Transportation does TDOT have in mind for East Tennessee? At $17.2 million (the bucks for PPE), just think how many shiny new locomotives & passenger cars or buses could be bought. Wheel taxes, or even such as Venezuela, luxury taxes on huge gas guzzlers and hot rods; would help finance the operation of Public Transportation. Funny how logic forces change in the end. My guess is that the EPA will have to grow longer teeth and sharper claws to affect change here in Blount County.

viva Evo Morales

Imagine what?

“think how many shiny new locomotives & passenger cars” – You have got to be kidding. Can you say, “inefficient?”

Think about the required costs of infrastructure. People do not like “public transportation.” Why? Because of the public. Have you traveled on a city bus in Knoxville? It is nasty. People like their SUV’s. If they can afford it, let them buy drive them. The market will handle the problem. Sales of SUV’s are down. Why? Because gas is getting expensive. I know liberals cannot understand simple business concepts, but the market works.

You support wheel taxes and the Venezuela-way of doing things? Private citizens like you are amusing. Government leaders like you are economically dangerous.


I'm not a Chavista

However, the entire Continent of South America is throwing away their dollars for Venezuelan Bolivars, the new currency of exchange developed by the new Banco del Sur. Ever heard of the IMF and the World Bank? They're history in South America--guess how that'll effect the value of the dollar.

"Have you traveled on a city bus in Knoxville? It is nasty."

No, but my boss does daily. It's cheap, there are lots of interesting conversations, and you can take a nap on the way to work. Never heard of dirt piled up in the aisle.

"I know liberals cannot understand simple business concepts, but the market works."

I guess borrowing more money than we can ever hope to re-pay, much less the interest, from Japan, China, & Saudi Arabia; in order to pay for an Occupation overseas, is good for the economy and will stimulate the economy as well, right?

"... gas is getting expensive."

Unless you have Exxon stock, then you're hurting. Let's say, Dr. Phinney, that you want to boycott Gasoline, what's you're alternative? What you gonna drive to get to work? There are NO alternatives. Even my 99% Tennessee Soybean Diesel has disappeared from Co-Op.

"People like their SUV’s."

No one said re-educating the masses would be painless.

"Private citizens like you are amusing. Government leaders like you are economically dangerous."

I'm glad you hold my reputation in such high regard. I envy your astute business acumen. I believe you, on the other hand, help provide the tax dollars that keep our County going and growing. I just hope that when the price of Gasoline breaches $5.00 / gallon (probably by Summer's end), that the less fortunate folks will still be able to get to work, so that they too, can provide income for the County.

viva Evo Morales

Too late now

You all should have thought of that when TDOT made 411 south four lane. Don't be mad at just 4.4 miles of new roadway called Pellissippi Parkway. From the artical in todays DT (link...) It sounds to me like Townsend wants more tourism.

It sounds to me like

It sounds to me like Townsend wants more tourism.

By "Townsend" to you mean citizens or developers?

What is more tourism? Is it 10% more than there is now or just 10% less than Pigeon Forge? At what point does Townsend have to give up the self descirbed title of the "Peaceful side of the Smokies"?

Good Question

thats a very good question BC. That artical reads that there are only 243 people living in the city limits of Townsend. It makes one wonder what the Townsend Planning Commission has in mind doesn't it?

It seems to me that the

It seems to me that the tourist interests want more tourists during parts of the year other than summer and fall, when they already have about all they can handle. Why that means they "need" the Pellissippi Parkway Extension is a mystery to me, since it is not the most crowded times for which they want more traffic.

How they can argue with a straight face that preserving open space and farmland is not good for tourism, and thus should be encouraged by use of the hotel-motel tax, is another mystery.

It's happening on our watch

It makes one wonder what the Townsend Planning Commission has in mind doesn't it?

It makes me wonder why every time I hear the term "planning", all I see in my mind is a dog chasing its tail.

For those who are late to the game, the plan was to elect a builder friendly mayor who would turn on the BZA and keep the building codes in such flux there would essentially be none. It's hard to hit a moving target.

That was the plan - and its working.

BTW - Are you sure we can't get those sand filtration units in and reduce the lots sizes just a little bit more (link...)

No comparison

US 411 south was an existing road with heavy trafic use. It needed to be a five-lane highway. The PPE, on the other hand, will do nothing to alleviate traffic. Townsend is just fine with the existing roadways. The PPE will do nothing to help tourism. Bite me.

Not True

Yes and so is Sam Houston School Road, Peppermint Road, Hitch Road, and Davis Ford Road those are existing roads that are used pretty frequently. All TDOT is trying to do is alleviate traffic from those small county roads and improve our infrastructure. What proof do you have that it "will do nothing to alleviate traffic". Opionions are just that opinions.

You are right about part of

You are right about part of your post. Sam Houston is a pretty good road now. But Peppermint, Hitch, and Helton need to be made as functional as Sam Houston. If they were, locals could get through the area without the need to bust a 4 lane through there. Tourists do not need help. Local travelers going east to west will not benefit from the north-south PPE.

TDOT's figures show that the PPE will do little or nothing to alleviate traffic and even then only with the SL.

Hey johnnyo: Maybe with your

Hey johnnyo: Maybe with your connections to the Powers That Be, you can get them to remove the Southern Loop from the long range transportation plan. But until that happens, why do you insist on saying that the PPE is "only" about 4.4 miles of (unnecessary and destructive) interstate? Until the SL is really dead, this is about a whole lot more than 4.4 miles.

southern loop

I thought Dean Stone single handedly killed the southern loop idea!


No Connections here

The first time I heard (from officials) of the Southern Loop was at the meeting at Heritage High School other than what I read on here. I was shocked that it was even brought up. Who really knows what's going to happen by the year 2030 or beyond, we may have flying cars and won't need a SL. It's documented that the last phase of PP is 4.4 miles "route A" I think. Again saying it's unnecessary and destructive is in fact your opinion, and we all have our own.


Johnnyo, the opinion that the PPE won't alleviate traffic is from TDOT's own material. We aren't pulling this stuff out of our rear ends. You were there; the lady plainly said the counts showing the slim advantage that they did have were based on the Southern Loop being built also.

And about flying cars: you are right. Things happen in 20 years. Just as over the last 20 years, the majority of development and traffic began to stem from the area south of town, down 411. When the PPE and Southern Loop were dreamed up way back when, this couldn't have been anticipated. So do we roll with a road that doesn't suit current needs, just because it is on the books? No. Just as we don't build roads when we all have flying cars. Currently, what we need is to improve the roads we have in the sector in question, starting with Sevierville Road.

You can't actually argue that the Route A is not destructive. It is by definition destructive. Where is your proof that it is necessary, sans the Southern Loop?

"I think it would be a good idea."
-Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization

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