Mar 19 2008

Can someone explain to me how a local beef jerky maker can justify spending money to go to Argentina to investigate their beef, sample their beef, then come home and decide to buy their beef when we have some many frickin cows in Blount County?


On top of that their jerky now has nitrates and MSG, something the owner has said they did not want to do in the past. Well, if you import beef from Argenitina then it needs to be preserved.

I would think there are farmers in Blount County who would love to produce beef for this guy. I mean, come on, it's BEEF JERKY!

The owner must have talked to Sandy Beal about managing a company....

Who needs stinkin' rain

Who needs stinkin' rain forests anyways?

Another Lambert connection........

If I'm not mistaken, isn't Davy Crockett somehow owned or operated by the Lambert Camp?

That's right......that's right............they would have to be the ones who OWN it seeing as how they've never actually struck an honest lick at physical work.

"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." -Friedrich Nietzsche

they would have to be the

they would have to be the ones who OWN it seeing as how they've never actually struck an honest lick at physical work.

And what is your basis for this assertion? Never mind. If you have a problem with the Lamberts why don't you take it up with them directly?

Have.......Will.......and Do!

"Never mind. If you have a problem with the Lamberts why don't you take it up with them directly?"

Have.......Will.......and Do! But they like to run from me. They don't like to answer questions that involves their family's alleged criminal behavior.

Is that better?


Beef Jerky consumed in large quantities causes the trots in a lot of folks. MSG is great for High Blood Pressure folks, such as myself, to spend hours in dark rooms with a bottle of aspirin. Does Crotchet Creek have a Vegetarian version of their Jerky?

viva Evo Morales

I believe they’re called potato chips.


On a rail, by golly!

"Well, if you import beef from Argenitina then it needs to be preserved."

No, "...if you import beef from Argentina then..." you should be run from Blount County on a rail.

To think that the farmers have it as rough as they do in this county and a locally owned jerky business would import beef from Argentina really makes my blood boil.

Maybe it's time for a Davy Crockett protest and boycott.

To name your company after what was obviously a great man and hero to many in this region is another thing that really burns me up.

I guarantee you that importing beef from Argentina is not something that is in the spirit of Davy Crockett or being American and self-sufficient.

I've got a feeling that this isn't the only blog that the "Argentinian Beef" story will be posted upon.

"The consuming desire of most human beings is deliberately to plant their whole life in the hands of some other person. I would describe this method of searching for happiness as immature. Development of character consists solely in moving toward self-sufficiency."
-Quentin Crisp

"Our forbears worked hard this difficult land, and their reward was the freedom and independence of self-sufficiency."
-James H. Douglas

Too bad that Davy Crockett Beef Jerky doesn't believe in the American ideal of self-sufficiency anymore. I wouldn't expect any less from a company that is part of the Lambert Camp.


Not to be a troll

But I've always heard good things about Argentinian beef. Free range, grass-fed. That's hard to get here, or at least prohibitively expensive (check out West Wind Farms' Bearden deliveries). (link...)

It is sad that we can't have a company that specializes in a local product, organically grown and chemical-free production.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

Kelmont Farms

I'd put Kelmont Farms' Black Angus Free-range Grass-fed beef up against anything that comes from South America or anywhere else for that matter.

Kelmont Farms' Beef is a local Blount County product grown by local Blount Countians who believe in self-sufficiency and that the best things in life don't always come in a plastic wrapped package from somewhere else or Argentina.

Davy Crockett Beef Jerky could very easily set up a cooperative with local farmers and still be able to maintain a nice profit.

Think about how popular that the finished product would be to people simply because of this pairing?

But that's not in the Lambert Camp's plans. A farm can make more money sub-divided, developed and destroyed in this day and age. Selling beef jerky and keeping the local farmers going is just not an issue to the engineers of the Lambert Camp. That would involve doing the right thing and actually "representing" what's best for the citizenry.

Good tip!

Isn't that the farm that the lady in charge of CAPPE owns? I had no idea they did grass-fed beef.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi



Self-sufficiency, folks................self-sufficiency.

You don't have to depend on the powers that be. They'd rather you buy your meat wrapped in plastic at some corporate outlet.

Good BEEF is not hard to find in Blount County contrary to what Davy Crockett Beef Jerky is promoting.

C.A.P.P.E. RULES! I'm for anything that is fighting against Sundquist's legacy.


I like Self-Sufficiency; however, it is NOT a part of the Republican Nightmare.

Take heed to what's coming if we continue down the Red Path.

  • $6.00 / gallon Gasoline: Your neighbor needs to feed his/her family. Your Garden is fair game.
  • $7.00 / gallon Gasoline: Your neighbor needs material goods for his/her family. Your house's belongings are fair game.
  • $8.00 / gallon Gasoline (and still no form of Public Transportation): Your neighbor needs medicine for his/her family. Violence intensifies.

Why do we blindly continue down this path of stupidity? ALL of these scenarios could be avoided, if we started taking our energy crisis seriously, and offered OUR citizens some form of SOCIALIZED Transportation.

viva Evo Morales


Self-sufficiency is not part of the liberal side of things either. Too much depending on the government for evrything............thinking government has the answer to everything. And that makes them no better than the NEO-CONS.

Both sides want you dependent on their poliical premise for everything. When will people see that?

not everything, but at least 5

need to be added to Public / Majority rule, and at last glance, there was only elected government positions that ever got close to that ideology.

All Energy
All Mass Transportation

viva Evo Morales

Beyond left, please explain.

I'm not disagreeing with you or attacking you, I would just like for you to explain a little further.

It's's not you. I just can't tell what your saying. I can't tell what you're trying to say.

Please explain...................I'll probably end up agreeing with you. I just can't tell what the point is.


Maybe oil production and

Maybe oil production and delivery should be a public utility. Other major life necessities (water, electricity, telephone/cable, sewer...) are public utilities. Why not oil? It is not fundamentally different.

public utility

"oil production and delivery should be a public utility"

Spot ON!! Have you noticed the ever growing Axes of Evil, that Governor Bush keeps finding, ALL have Nationalized Energy? Message to Countries around the World: If you Nationalize your Energy, or any resources for that matter; then you hate America, and we're coming to git ya!

Scary thought for the Day: Darth Cheney and Lizard Woman Condi, are right now in the Middle East garnering support, for something. Admiral Fallon, the ONLY opponent to invading Iran, resigned. And now ...

24 Mar 2008 - Saudis Prepare for Nuclear Fallout from Iran
"The Saudi-based King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology has prepared a proposal that encapsulates the probabilities of leaking nuclear and radiation hazards in case of any unexpected nuclear attacks in Iran, the Okaz Saudi newspaper said."
reported by the German news service DPA

viva Evo Morales

need some fabricated data anyone?

My sources tell me that Iran has been over in Africa looking to buy some yellow cake.

Pass it on.

Kelmont Farms is run by John

Kelmont Farms is run by John and Susan Keller. They raise and sell beef that walks around and eats grass. Their farm is one of the targets of the Pavers. Susan used to be president of CAPPE's board.

Maybe someday we can establish a local agricultural economy that would make it easier for a jerky company to contract with a cattle farmer to produce a product in such a way that the money and jobs stay here and we do not use oil to ship dead cow parts half way around the world. But if we did that, we would not need so much oil and then how would we get the War Machine?

crockett creek beef jerky

rebeldog, the name of our co. is crockett creek,not davy cockett beef jerky.the lambert family has no ties to c.c beef jerky,although i consider them to be honorable people and far as the hard work goes i would assume you have never ran a buisness of any size.also i would like to commission you to locate me 10,000 lbs. of boneless top round(select grade)that have been raised in blount county for 1.85 per lb. deliveed to our plant by 4/15/08.i would love to use local meat suppliers but there simply arent any.i wont respond back unless you can a deliver the meat.

Years and Years ago....

Back when Crockett Creek first began the store that we (my family) used to own sold beef to Crockett Creek. The cuts that were used at that time, mostly top round, it would not be advantageous for cattle growers to have worked a deal with them for the limited cuts that were used as it was a small percentage of the overall cow. Their business soon grew to the point where they bought straight from the suppliers that we did as a store servicing a full service meat department.

Demand for products and services changes more than just the profit line for the business it has an effect up the chain and down the chain as well.

Is it worth thinking about

Is it worth thinking about consciously trying to develop a local agricultural economy in which, in this instance, there could also be a market for the cuts of cow that CC could not use?

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