Jul 27 2007

The Blount County Planning Commission approved Overlook at Montvale Phase I, pending completion of some erosion controls and other construction items.

The proposal to increase rural R-1 density within the urban growth boundary apparently fizzled and did not come up for a vote. But, the Planning Commission did vote to update the R-1 zoning to include exceptions for convenience stores on a case by case basis.

Follow the links for more details from the Maryville Daily Times.

P.S. Money quote in the MDT from County Commissioner Brad Harrison: "We need to look at really helping our people who are willing to invest in Blount County. We need to bend over backwards and try to help them instead of trying to treat them as criminals."

What a wonderful world it

What a wonderful world it could be....

If only those involved in the future of our cities and county would sit down together and work out a long range plan based on the educational needs of all.

On one hand we have the URB so we know just where the city might annex land and pick up students. On the other hand, that same land will be in control of the county until the day of annexation comes.

We have overcrowding in both the city and the county school systems. We have developers fighting to build, build, build and we have legislative bodies who want to get re-elected so they appear to focus on NOT raising taxes.

This situation is not going to go away so now is the time to pull out every example of how other areas have handled this problem. Take those examples, pick and pull them apart and find one that works. Got any ideas- share them!

"our people"??? What the

"our people"???

What the heck does he mean?

The Royal "We"

The "We" he is referring to is undoubtedly the rest of the Maryville-Alcoa Homebuilders Association and the winning candidates they supported (like the mayor) in the last election. That seems to be the primary job of the Mayor's office and a good portion of the county commisssion: repaying the debt owed for their election. Thus "our people".

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