Mar 25 2008
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Just got back from Florida. Here are some photos...

Looks like FUN!


Good eye, RNeal! Very impressive wildlife shots!


Those are some awesome photos RNeal! Thanks for sharing those with us.

Eel vs Bird - epic

Great Shots. I hate to get miopic, but I couldn't help to notice the "Protect and Serve" label on the back of the GA cop car is in Dutch; "Te beschermen en te dienen".

Just thought it was weird. Does anybody know the reason for this?

When traffic backed up we

When traffic backed up we were able get alongside the cop and I asked him what it said (being unable to translate it, much less recognize it as Dutch -- I thought it was German).

He said they had "protect and serve" in different languages on all their patrol cars. Didn't get to ask why, but I'm guessing it's something that started during the Olympics? I thought is was pretty cool.

P.S. It was a Doraville police car. Don't know what he was doing way down South of Atlanta, but it was quitting time so maybe he was going home?

Frame #17

Dr. Neal:

Frame #17, looks like one of my favorite Blues Harmonica players, but it probably ain't. Did they let you swim and play with the alligators, like they do with the dolphins, down there?

viva Evo Morales

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