Mar 25 2008

While driving to and from Virginia last week I stumbled across some radio programs on a public radio station WETS at 89.5 MHz.
I can get the station here in Maryville, but just barley. If I had not saved the channel frequency while I was still up in north east Tennessee I am sure I could not have found it again.

I really liked the 6:00 PM program from Democracynow.org.

I listed to over an hour of testimony from the Winter Soldiers.

Forrest Erickson

You can take a conservative to facts, but you can't make em think.

Democracy Now! sounds great.

Democracy Now! sounds great. Too bad it isn't broadcast in East Tennessee. I see it is in Nashville and Chattanooga as well as Johnson City and the Tri-Cities. The other day, I was telling a friend from Florida how Knoxville is so behind. Chattanooga is passing us by in population and progressiveness. In the past it was thought a large university tends to make a town progressive. No more.

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