Mar 26 2008

Do you think our Planning Commission will start addressing the concerns of the citizens on this issue? (from The Daily Times, March 26,2008)

The Blount County Planning Commission might end up taking a stand against the continuing strip commercialization of U.S. 411 South if a statement added to the draft county Policies Plan is ultimately approved.

The principle is a recommendation from the Hunter Interests Growth Study. County Commission Chairman Robert Ramsey expressed surprise that it wasn't being enforced.

Those are words on paper," Planning Director John Lamb said. "Nobody is following it. ... The Planning Commission has been recommending (the rezonings) and the County Commission has been approving them."

I've got a feeling that a lot of the people are not really happy with what's been done on 411," Planning Commissioner Bill Proffitt said.


I travel 411S 3-4 times

I travel 411S 3-4 times weekly and we really need some regulations there. It is a horrible looking stretch of road. Those metal buildings...ugh. Cheap and look it.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This would indeed be a sign

This would indeed be a sign of a welcome change and of the Planning Commission beginning to understand what has to happen if Blount County is to avoid being just like Chapman Highway. Getting the County Commission to go along will be its own challenge.

Planners may, planners might


Come on gang, dust off your copy of the Hunter Study and turn to Technical memo #17 and let's take a good long look at what the Study suggests. It does not say four metal buildings does a Hamlet make.

Hunter Study is located at (link...)

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