Decisions by the Knoxville Regional TPO influence TDOT planning and affect Blount County. They are seeking input for their long range plan. Go fill out this short survey.


Pretty crappy survey but at least they allow for comments at the end. My main complaint (and it's big) is that politicians and government officials basically dictate transportation planning for the area. Public input is ignored when the "executive committee", which is made up of local mayors, votes on projects to include in the TPOs 3 year Transportation Improvement Projects (TIP) and long range plan. Wanna know why the Pellissippi Parkway Extension is being railroaded through? The executive committee continues to list it in the TIP, hence the federal govet (Jimmy Duncan) continues to list it as a high priority project because the "TPO" wants it. It's a horrible way to do planning. Jeff Welch, TPO's dictator, always throws up his hands when I ask why the executive committee has so much power. But I've seen him become part of the machine.

Public Transportation

I just hope everyone who took or takes the survey PUSHES HARD for Public Transportation. Memphis AND Nashville now have light rail. I know, I know, I know, and I've heard it a million times--everybody loves their SUV, but those days are drawing neigh. Diesel and Gasoline prices are destroying our economy, yet we have NO ALTERNATIVES. It don't take a rocket scientist to tell us that we desperately need public transportation--a form whose rates don't depend on a bunch of fat cats in Texas and Saudi Arabia.

viva Evo Morales

public transit

According to most conservative studies of mass transit, it has gone straight down hill. Today, they argue, despite billions of dollars of investment, transit carries a pathetically small number of riders: about one percent of total trips. Does transit work? If that is all the people it carries, the answer would appear to be a clear no. PT will not work here in our dense area.

I used to ride a bus to work

My company actually subsidized the cost of the bus pass. It was an enormous savings for me in parking fees. I believe the company, in turn, received a benefit from the local government for encouraging use of public transport.

If done correctly, public transport can be a very attractive option. No, the people who sit down next to you aren't always the most pleasant, but does that matter in the big scheme of things? I read a lot of books in my commute time and listened to my earphones.

I think a nice park and ride for Knoxville downtown/UT commuters from Blount County would be helpful.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

Transportation Costs

Andy, we used to have B&C Bus lines. That's how my wife and I travelled to UT. Buses, again, have rates based on the price of al Qaeda Juice.

Our whole country, and especially East TN, runs off of filling up at the station, and delivering the goods via the Highways. We SOON won't be able to AFFORD that FUEL! What part of that don't people understand? It ain't gonna ever go down in price. If we kiss all the Oil Companies' @sses, or sue them, it still won't matter--the price is only gonna go up, and dramatically, mind you. Why should we begin this new millenium unprepared? It really doesn't make any sense that we have a rail parallel Alcoa Hwy, and there's no Passenger traffic. Even the big wig Politicians--Democrat & Republican (save the few remaining Texo-Fascists) understand that the end of the Gasoline era is at hand, AND that our economy is being wrecked with transportation costs. Grocery stores may have to relocate to RR sidings, just to be able to keep sellable stock. So regardles of what people think about Public Transportation now, the coming crisis will force it upon us. Why not be prepared--it's usually cheaper that way.

viva Evo Morales

Independent trucker strike

BL, have you heard of the potential for an independent trucker strike this week? Seems to be originating in Florida. This is something that hit snopes once back in August '05, but seems for real this time. Might call attention to the problems you name.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

If not a rail system, a bus

If not a rail system, a bus system would be a great idea. Remember, not every one can afford a SUV even if they like them. A bus or rail system would give persons on a limited or lower income a way to get around. They maybe could get a better job if they had affordable transportation. Not to forget the persons who maybe have gotten a DUI and now cannot drive themselves. On that note maybe some would not have gotten a DUI after a few drinks with pals if they had another mode of transportation available to them.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oh, my God! You're right ...

All Americans should be afraid of Gay Illegal Immigrants stealing your Guns and Burning American Flags!!

News Flash, Lester: It worked it '04, but that argument's falling on deaf ears now. Get over it. Find another Neo-Con Banner to carry. Freaky Fred Thompson lost, so even the Rebel Flag waving zealots have lost their savior.

The MAJORITY of Americans are much more afraid of the Illegal Immigrants coming from Crawford, Texas, rather than our Hispanic neighbors.

viva Evo Morales

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