Mar 31 2008

Newly appointed Knox County commissioner Victoria DeFreese is not going to hand over the names and contact info of citizens who have contacted her about the p-card audit, despite Mayor Ragsdale's request that she do so. Off the top of my head, I think she's doing the right thing.

Looking at this through the filter of Blount County politicians and their recent actions, I'm thinking that if fellow elected officials are treated so badly for asking questions, I would truly hate to see what the local machine would do to mere citizens.

Did I say "would do"? How about allegedly done to? (link...)

RNeal's blog from Knoxviews: (link...)

Volunteer TV News: (link...)

WATE TV: (link...)

WBIR coverage: (link...)

Hang on to those papers, Ms. DeFreese. At minimum, you open your constituents up to "spam." At maximum, intimidation.

Open Government Guide

Apparently, Mr. Cohen on KV has found source material for determining whether a particular record is public.


A short review of this site promises a more exhaustive review when time permits.


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