Jul 29 2007

In the August, 2007 issue of Southern Living magazine's Tennessee Living section, there is an article about Capitol Coffee and the owner, Heath Claiborne. The article is not on-line so run out and purchase the current issue.

Capitol Coffee is in the old Capitol Theatre building in downtown Maryville. The building still has the theatre sign. Apparently, you can book the theatre for private functions.

Claiborne is an artist with a coffee shop to support his art.

We've been to Capitol Coffee and enjoyed our visits. We will return. Thanks to Heath and his wife, Benita, for selecting downtown Maryville!

Photos after the jump...

Capitol Theatre Marquee

Tea room

Coffee, pastry shop, plus largest selection of candy in town


Ahhhhhh... I can just smell the coffee.

Love this place!

Off topic but I'm sure you

Off topic but I'm sure you guys saw the nice article on Gregg Allman in the August issue of Southern Living. It looks like Gregg has settled down in a nice home with an attractive young wife, far far away from those years of turmoil with Cher, drugs, financial problems, etc. I remember reading years ago he couldn't get a job in Florida on a fishing boat because he wouldn't cut his hair. I'm glad he's doing well and seems to have found a peaceful home and life.

Gregg Allman?!?! We must

Gregg Allman?!?! We must have an even more different issue. I can find no story about Gregg in ours. If you get a chance, what page, section, etc.? Also, did you buy yours in TN, NC, GA, elswhere?

arggh. I actually read the

arggh. I actually read the article in a waiting room at an oil change place Saturday morning in northwest Georgia. I didn't make note of the issue month, but before I posted the first comment I googled and found the article mentioned on a discussion forum and this mention said it was the August 2007 issue. It could be the forum post had the month wrong. The magazine looked fresh not like it had been laying there for a long time. Sorry about that.

Ah, if you were in GA that's

Ah, if you were in GA that's probably the difference. They have special inserts for each state, so that issue was probably different than ours. I'd like to see the article, though. Too bad they don't post much of their content online.

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