Apr 3 2008
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Saturday, April 19th 10am until 1pm
in the parking lot at Maryville First United Methodist Church at 804 Montvale Station Road (across from Maryville Middle School)

Be sure to bring your family and your pets,there are activities for every one including:

  • face painting
  • crafts for children
  • inflatable
  • Daisy the Clown
  • Petting Zoo
  • Drawings for Prizes
  • Sheriff's K-9 Unit
  • Animals Works
  • ArfNets
  • Knoxville Zoo
  • Blount CARE
  • Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation
  • Blount County Humane Society
  • H.A.B.I.T
  • Dog Bite Treats
  • And much more.....

Pet items as well as People items will be on sell by the different rescue groups to help their organizations care for the animals.
Also some of the rescues will have adoptable animals.

The Church will be collecting NEW stuffed animals to give to the children at East TN Hospital. If you would like to participate in this mission project please bring those to the event!

Let's Play!

Blessing of the Animals will be at 11:30 am

Just spoke to the organizer of the event, and she said the Blessing would take place at 11:30 am. The Pet Contest would begin at noon. But there will be other things going on before that.

There will be lots of adoptable animals from several different rescues. There will also be different items for you and your pet sold at the different tables. I know we will have pet toys as well as hand quilted pet crate pads. Usually some of the rescues have baked goodies, some for people and some for your dog.

And they will have the Knoxville Zoo and other attractions. Come and enjoy.



This is a church event that we were invited to. I'm pretty sure there will be a blessing by the church. Anyway, that's what I understood. I will check with the organizer.


I think Blessing of the

I think Blessing of the Animals is a wonderful idea. I'm not sure I will make it with the pupster. All that excitement and all those children in one place may be a little more than she can stand.

Will they/someone be blessing the animals in attendance or are we celebrating the blessings that are animals?

Just so it’s clear that

Just so it’s clear that you all are the ones comparing illegal aliens to dogs. Remember that when you start hurling comments like “racist” and “intolerant”.

It is pretty cold, though, if, while this Marine is in a foreign land protecting us, his family turns his little ankle-biter over to the pound. That’s just wrong.

I think saving animals from the pound is great if they are there and you want them. Obviously, the government should not subsidize a no-kill animal shelter because there are more important uses for tax-payer dollars than feeding and housing stray animals. Privately operated no-kill shelters are great.


Lester, I can't believe I agree with you

It is pretty cold, though, if, while this Marine is in a foreign land protecting us, his family turns his little ankle-biter over to the pound. That’s just wrong.

That just what I thought when I saw the little dog in his soft sided crate. (They couldn't get him out.) So that's why I told Officer Hinkle that I would take him if they decided he was unplaceable and were going to euthanize him. I got a call later that night that he was coming back to Maryville.

He was a little terror. Snarling and growling and biting. He did nip me the first night, then I gave him a little drill sergeant discussion. He is doing much better now. lol


Hollerin' at him

Dr. Terry:

Have ye tried hollerin' at him in German? I know a lot of dogs are trained to understand Deutsch commands. Do you think it'd work?

Oh yeah, psst, Lester: Hau ab!

viva Evo Morales

Just so it’s clear The

Just so it’s clear

The "joke" was an attempt to poke at you. But like most our exchanges, it seems to have been pointless.

The Grunt does have papers

He uses them very effectively. Mostly the DT.




Mostly the DT.


Those aren't Chihuahuas

Those two aren't Chihuahuas, unless you've seen a 40+ lb or a 20+ lb Chi. One is a yellow lab cross and the other is a Border Collie cross. But I just pulled a little Chihuahua Friday. He was turned in to animal control, and because of his temperment, was going to be put down. His owner was a Marine who is overseas. His family were taking care of him, but they could no longer handle him. This little grunt just needed a drill sergeant to explain the facts of life to him. He is now sitting in the chair with me as I type.

That's going to rile Lester. A Mexican Chihuahua owned by a Marine serving overseas. And saved from a death sentence by an animal rescuer!



That Marine is paid using American taxdollars! How on Earth are we allowing that little free loading Mexican mutt to live using our American supplied greenbacks? Put that damn dog out to starve, because with no papers and no owner in country - it has no right to be here!

Terry, I'm sorry, but I'm calling ICE to have you taken in for harboring illegals.

Viva el idiota!


I think one of the dogs in these pictures is a Chihuahua. Are you going to let this stand?

If you are a witness for your church, I'm going to guess attendance sucks.

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