Apr 3 2008

I don't know exactly what time this document was updated, but there is some fairly interesting stuff here: (link...)

Blount County School Board Districts 2, 4 and 6 are up for reelection. Only District 6 is contested. Patricia Bell and Brad Long are running for that non-partisan seat. Incumbents Chris Cantrell and John Davis are already in for their seats.

For State Senator Finney's seat, it is Finney, Overbey, Jim Bishop (Sevierville), and Ira Lapides (Gatlinburg).

For State Rep. 20th District: Tonawanda Monroe-Ball, Jimmy Melton, Robert Ramsey, Steve Hargis.

State Rep (8th): Joe McCord (Why the heck isn't anyone running against him?)

Townsend Commission: Charles Tippitt, Patrick Jenkins, David Wietlisbach.

Friendsville Commission: Gary Simerly, David L. Staley

Interesting folks that picked up petition but didn't return them (at least by the time this document was updated last): Steve Gray, former commissioner in Helton/Lail's district for Overbey's seat. Seemed a genuinely decent guy. I don't know the other people who picked up and didn't return.

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