Apr 16 2008

The City of Alcoa Utilities has added a $3 fee to resident's water bills to cover the EPA stormwater Phase II program requirements.

Permit requirements include system-wide erosion and sediment controls, pollution control, and public education initiatives. The stormwater utility will serve as an alternative to increasing taxes to meet the added expense of funding these requirements set by the federal government.

Probably a good thing and I suppose I don't mind paying the extra $3. However, keeping in mind I have not studied this in depth, I hope not that many businesses get credits while I, a resident, am not able to get credits.

Update: I called the City of Alcoa regarding residents that have two water meters, one for the house and one for watering the lawn. It sounds like they made a mistake in charging this fee on the second meter for watering the lawn. It sounds like they should have this handled and not charge this fee next month on the second meter.

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