Apr 17 2008
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Featured speakers: Bob Tuke and Mike Padgett
Both are Democratic candidates for Lamar Alexander's US Senate seat, in Lamar's hometown... Priceless.

Also speaking will be Blount County's favorite son Judge Mike Meares.

Commissioner Wendy Reeves will invoke FDR for us... and don't forget, there's (good) food !!

It should be well worth anyone's time and money ($50.00 per ticket).

Saturday April 26th at the Airport Hilton.
Doors open at 6:30, Dinner at 7:00.

For tickets contact any Blount County Democratic Party member, Democratic Women's Club member or call 865-379-8683. Leave a message, they will call you back.

UPDATE: We have been told that Tuke and Padgett will not be able to attend.

Let's face it.


Lester would probably get kicked out of the Republican Lincoln Day Dinners. Even someone as extreme right as Lester would see the pure irony of the speeches made by Blount Republican chair Dave Bennett. Couldn't you just hear Lester heckling from the audience?! That would be priceless! Go get 'em, Lester!

Do you think the

Do you think the mathematical fallacy that is the failed socialistic policy known as the “Social Security” system will be mentioned during the invocation? Just a thought.


If no wingnuts are present

If no wingnuts are present when the mathematical fallacy that is the failed socialistic policy known as Social Security is mentioned, did it make a sound that wingnuts can hear?

Just a thought.

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