Apr 20 2008
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Sit down before reading; (link...)

Then stand up and be counted if it ticks you off. At a minimum, forward this to five friends.

County Commission meeting last Thursday

I don't have my notes with me, but didn't the Board of Education ask for another $210k for Diesel fuel for the county School Buses, just to finish off this year? Why aren't we making Diesel Fuel for our County School Buses from the Kitchen Grease we have in our County Schools' cafeterias?

Lots of folks assume that the price of Gasoline has been climbing at $0.05 / gallon / day. Take note that OPEC doesn't meet everyday; however, we do borrow money to pay for the Oil War, in the former Nation of Iraq, everyday, which drives the value of the dollar down, everyday. Last week saw record Bond sales in the US.

Sure am glad weez a fightin' 'em over there, 'stead of fightin' 'em over heer--ain't yoo? Hyuk yuk, by Gawd!

viva Evo Morales

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Knox County has proven this stuff isn’t new. They have also proven it’s not that hard to take out the old guard.

They did it by getting the message out. Propagate this thread.

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