McCain opposes equal pay bill in Senate: (link...)

Republican Sen. John McCain, campaigning through poverty-stricken cities and towns, said Wednesday he opposes a Senate bill that seeks equal pay for women because it would lead to more lawsuits.

Hello? I thought this was the year 2008.

Such a Shame

It is such a shame that McCain chose to limit women filing lawsuits. What the bench said was they only have six months from the time the inequity is committed. This means that if you get hired, you must immediately find out if you are getting paid less than your male counterparts. Most businesses request that you not talk about your salary. Plus most men won't tell a new hired woman what their salary is. You must earn trust first with colleagues. Who will go into a job and ask her colleagues "So what do you get paid?" It is a shame. But if you notice this was a men against women issue. Our senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker both voted nay. E-mail them and let them know what you think about this. Especially if you are a man. After all it may be your wife that is discriminated against next time.

By the way passing this bill wouldn't lead to more lawsuits. Businesses weigh the pros and cons of an issue before they make a decison. They would understand that this would lose them good employees and business from others. They would then choose to pay all their employees fairly. What the courts did by putting an artificial time restraint on the employee was give businesses the okay do continue their current practices.

John McCain just lost my vote and I voted for him in the primary. Maybe he doesn't understand yet, but I believe he just lost the election. And I am going to e-mail him and let him know.

You're right, is it shameful

Here's an interesting op-ed piece on the subject:

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