The East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists has recognized Jessica Stith and Rick Laney for outstanding investigative reporting with the following Golden Press Club Awards:

• First Place: Rick Laney/Jessica Stith for continuing coverage of bogus diplomas in Blount County Government

• Second Place: Rick Laney for coverage of Ana Calixto and Judge W. Dale Young stories

• Third Place: Jessica Stith for coverage of the Blount County NASCAR pickup truck purchased by Blount County Sheriff's Deputy

More details as they become available...

Congrats to Laney and Stith.

Congrats to Laney and Stith. Good job!

Rick Laney sweep ETSPJ Investigative Reporting

Concerned Citizen
Is this not the same reporter that The Daily Times removed from their staff?
Maybe because they did not want any investigative reports done in Blount County.

Rick Laney

Yes, Rick was the reporter that was "layed off". Just goes to show what type of investigative reporting is wanted by the DT. Little to none.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

You are Golden

Congratulations to Jessica Stith and Rick Laney. You are Golden.

Forrest Erickson

One Penney. Before the United States of America was sent to the back.

Did they congratulate Laney

Did they congratulate Laney on the lie he told about the Daily Times’ having “proof” that Calixto was a legal alien? Or was that conveniently left out? Just wondering.

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