An open letter from Blount County Democratic Party Chairman Dave Finch

As Chair of the Blount County Democratic Party I couldn’t help but notice the County Mayor’s comments as reported by the Daily Times on the front page of last Friday’s paper. "Cunningham calls Commission Democrats monkeys." Catchy headline! According to Tuesday’s Knox Sentinel the Mayor claims he didn't say that at all or at least he didn't mean it in a bad way. Yeah right, whatever. Now that the Daily Times has posted a recording of the event on their website suddenly the Mayor doesn't want to talk about it any more. Imagine that!

At the same event the Mayor also implied the Democratic Commissioners dropped into Blount County from someplace else. On this, I’m sure he knows otherwise.

Fact is there are no Johnny-come-lately-to-Blount-County Democrats on the commission. Commissioner (Dr. Bob) Proffitt’s family goes back several generations in Blount County. I'm guessing he’s been practicing family medicine in Blount County longer than the Mayor has been practicing law. The Mayor knows this. Commissioner Dave Ballard is a life long Blount Countian and his family before him. The Mayor knows this also. Perhaps he was thinking of Commissioner Reeves who moved here from Knoxville some twenty years ago. I'll grant you Knoxville is kinda far away. It's actually in a different county.

These commissioners are doing an excellent job representing their districts and helping to manage Blount County business for all citizens. Don't believe otherwise. On the other hand, the Mayor apparently prefers his personal agenda rather than supporting the rights of all Blount County residents. I have no personal bone to pick with the Mayor. He and I simply disagree on the obligations of his office. For others however, it's become a matter of trust.

I believe all citizens of Blount County are better served by a healthy and vocal opposition party. Monopolies of any kind are inefficient and create excessive costs. We all know who pays for that. Competing ideas produce a better product at a lower price for everyone. Business certainly knows this. Most reasonable Republicans know this. Apparently the Mayor does not. The Mayor wants Blount County Government to operate as a Republican monopoly. No Democrats. No opposition. No questions asked. On what planet is that a good idea?

If you believe as I do that 'one party rule' is fundamentally wrong, sit up and pay attention to this. Judge Mike Meares is currently the only Democrat judge in Blount County. Democrats have held this seat for many years. The Mayor has made it clear. He now wants only his Republicans in the courthouse. His Republicans!

The people of Blount County must not allow that to happen. Contact Judge Mike Meares campaign at 865-681-0553 and check his website at He is, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate for the job. Talk with Mike. Learn the facts. Volunteers are needed now. Vote for Mike August 7th. Mark your calendar today. Talk with your friends and neighbors. Explain what the Mayor is trying to do. Ask them to Vote for Mike August 7th. We know what the Mayor wants. It's up to all of us to see that citizens of Blount County get what they want. "An informed active voter is the best guarantee for good responsible government."

If you would like to know more about the Blount County Democratic Party and how you can help in the November election please let me know. I'd appreciate your help and support.

Thank You,

Dave Finch, Chair
Blount County Democratic Party
PO Box 6552
Maryville, TN 37802

Great response! Thanks Dave.

Great response! Thanks Dave.

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