May 16 2008

We had an opportunity to speak with James Carville for a few minutes before his keynote address at the Knox County Truman Day Dinner tonight. Here's what he had to say...

wind their butts or scratch their watches

Dr. Neal:

Awesome interview with Carville. I really liked the famous Carville bout with Robert Novak, "He's gotta show these right-wingers that he's got backbone, you know. The Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you. Show 'em you're tough."

From your interview Dr. Neal:

Dr. Neal: "... what do you see as the core principles that Democrats should not negotiate away?"
Carville: "... never fear to take on power in the interest of people ... progressive tax code ... broaden the definition of income ... working people have the right to organize"

It sounds like James Carville is talking about the Social aspects of the Democratic party being our strongest points, which seems to be in direct opposition to one Hillary Clinton's statement, "a lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans". While working for some fascists, back a few years ago, I was told that not all Asbestos was bad, and that you could take a bath in Sodium Hydroxide. So, regardless of how Angelic some Lobbyists are, the transgressions of the many out-weigh the purity of the few. K-Street should be bulldozed, and the world's largest VA hospital should be built there, within eye-shot of the Whitehouse.

If it doesn't split the Democratic party before November, look for it to divide them in '09 or '10. The Iran wants to Nuke all the Jews fervor is in its infantile stages right now; however, if you watch C-Span, you'll see a growing number of Democrats stepping to the podium, lashing out at Iran--whose Nuclear Programme has been proven time and time again to be for Electrical Power.

Again, Dr. Neal, awesome interview. And kudos to Gerald Kirby, for getting a heck-of-a-deal for Blount County with the PSTCC cost sharing agreement--Awesome!

viva Evo Morales

Gerald Kirby

You know at the last education committee meeting Brian Bell stated that PSTCC was getting a sweet deal in that the Blount County School System was paying for Maryville to hook up the sewer and water to the two new schools and PSTCC was getting to hook up basically for free. I thought the school system had already paid the City of Maryville, but maybe I am wrong. Whether PSTCC reimburses the system or pays for it outright I'm thankful Mr. Kirby asked them to pay for this. I just hope whoever buys the Binfield school site will keep it somewhat in the shape it is in and not try to develop it into stores. More stores there will mean nore traffic and a new light will have to be added somewhere. There is so much traffic on that small stretch of highway now that you can't get into the mainstream easily. Anyway kudos to Mr. Kirby.

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