May 19 2008

The Maryville Daily Times website reports that there has been a fire at their offices. No other details at this time. Hope everyone is OK and the paper can go out tomorrow as scheduled.

FLASH UPDATE: Just returned from the scene. According to Maya Brown and Chris Reynolds in the Advertising department, the fire started out back in some wooden pallets, possibly from a cigarette. The fire blew in some windows into the HR department offices where it spread. There is extensive smoke and water damage, and fire damage to some offices.

Publisher Max Croster was taken to Blount Memorial for smoke inhalation and one other employee was treated at the scene. The paper has a contingency plan to use computers at a nearby church to put tomorrow's paper together and send it to a newspaper in Sevierville to have it printed.

Origin of fire believed to be wooden pallets in this area behind the building.

UPDATE: Chris Reynolds and Maya Brown from the Maryville Daily Times Advertising Department were evacuated when the fire broke out. They describe what happened:

update via the DT

I certainly hope everyone is

I certainly hope everyone is okay. I also hope it doesn't affect them getting out the newspaper. It sounds like they have most everything covered. They are so cool. They seem to know what to do and get it done.

Best wishes to all at the paper. We're rooting for you!

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