Letter to the editor: Building Commissioner's authority unchallenged

I ask those who seek agritainment privileges to pursue your goals through moral and legal channels provided by Blount County and the state of Tennessee and to respect the rights of your neighbors to disagree.

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Everyone wants in on zoning

For further consideration we need to ask how a property which is not zoned commercial in Blount County can be viewed by the tax assessor, determined to be commercial by that office and then that property is then taxed/valued commercial- all without being zoned commercial.

We have asked...

This questioned has been asked at length, about 2 or so months ago.

Taxed commercial and zoned commercial are 2 separate "unrelated items". (I know....)

There are properties that are zoned commercial in the county that are being taxed residential, because there is no commercial related development on them. This is an area that has been on Commissioner French's radar for awhile now.

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