Jun 2 2008

By way of email from an alert reader, Blount County Commission now has live online streaming video of County Commission and other meetings in the County Commission room. They are also maintaining an archive including commission, animal control, and planning meetings.

To view the live stream when a meeting is in progress, go to the County Commission page here and scroll down to the "Stream from County Commission Room" link. The archives are here.


perhaps a good thing

As long as Commission meetings are still shown on cable then this is a good thing. If for any reason ( $$$ ) the cable broadcasts end then this is not a good thing at all.

"If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."
- George Orwell, 1984

Keep an eye on the AT&T

Keep an eye on the AT&T statewide cable franchise bill and its threats to PEG programming. You know, the one Bredesen teamed up with state house Dem and GOP legislators and AT&T lobbyists to ram through.

But beyond that, do you have any information or reason to believe this is some kind of substitute for cable broadcast of meetings (which, last time I checked, weren't live and were about a week or so behind)?

Do I have any reason?

Naw, just simple mistrust of the Commission. This idea came out of the Feb 2008 IT Committee meeting. I can't find any data that shows the IT committee have met since Feb. I can't find any data that this was ever brought before the full commission.

In the land of we vote on concepts without documentation and where free costs 1.8 million bucks why would I have any amount of trust that streaming the video is being done to supplement and not replace the cable feed?

Live streaming of the Budget

Live streaming of the Budget Committee was interesting. Jail Pod tabled until July.

Jail Pod?


Short summary please. What is Jail Pod?

Forrest Erickson

One Penney. Before the United States of America was sent to the back.

a bigger jail

Pod is their term, not mine. A somewhat contained type of unit which will allow the housing of more federal inmates in downtown Maryville.

No one has yet been able to

No one has yet been able to explain to me how you alleviate jail overcrowding by taking in more prisoners from outside your jurisdiction. Maybe the numbers work, but it must be some curious math.

So, by tabling it until July, they take it out of the county budget debate? For a better chance of slipping it through as a "real money maker" opportunity for Blount Co.?

Anyone who thinks Blount Co. ought to get deeper into the incarceration business should go take a ride around Morgan Co.

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